What I expect out of MY Texans This Year: The Offense

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by DocBar, Jul 23, 2007.

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    1. Offensive Line: I don't care if they run ZB or PB or ABC(?). I just want to see the running game dictate to the D. We don't have "ideal" linemen for zone blocking or power blocking, but I DO think we have some good, COACHABLE talent that can give us a productive running game that will keep oppossing D's honest. We may not set any records or anything, but we don't need to. All we need to do is keep the D guessing and not allow them to TEE off on Schaub 3 downs a series. I know this has been a constant, ongoing problem for 5 yrs., but I also feel that Kubes and Sherman will maximize the talent that we have and implement game plans accordingly.
    Salaam at LT is NOT the end of the world. The guy played his heart out last year and has my vote of confidence if Spencer isn't ready to start the season. LG is in good hands with Pitts. I'm not sure who I like best at center and this position concerns me most on the O-line. RG is good with Weary or Winston. I like Weary at LG and Winston at RT.

    2. Running Backs: Again, I don't expect rushing titles or rushing TD records, but I DO think we'll have a legitimate running game between the tackles that will keep defenders at home. Green should be perfect in this role, especially when relieved by Dayne. Gado, taylor and Lundy will be adequate 3rd down/backups if the need arises. IMHO, Taylor has the most upside, of the reserves, in the long run. The guy has power and some speed. The starters might want to watch their backs. No pun intended. Leach is a STUD at FB and should open up some nice holes. He needs a competent backup, though, and unless the legalize stickem again, I'm NOT sure Cook is the guy.

    3. Quarterbacks: Matt Schaub seems to be the real deal, but we really have no idea until TC starts. Then again, Carr looked good in a few preseasons. Schaub will be under the most intense scrutiny of any player on the roster not named Mario Williams. The upside is that he doesn't have very big shoes to fill. If he can read a defense, get the offense in the proper set and progress through his reads and find the open receiver, then all bets are off. The Texans just might be playoff bound. If he falters or is injured, Rosenfels is more than adequate to fill in and the offense won't miss a beat.

    4. Tight Ends: One name: Owen Daniels. This young man showed he could find the soft spots in the D, make the tough catch over the middle or block down on a DE or LB if needed. He helps make the O less predictable, therefore more dangerous. Playing opposite him, or backing him up is Mark Bruener and Jeb Putzier. I like Putzier over Bruener because when Bruener is in the game,DUH...BIG RED FIRE TRUCK!!!, it's gonna be a running play. Yes, he made a few catches last year, but he will never be a recieving threat. That makes the predictable. Predictable O's suck.

    4. Reciever: AJ,, AJ, AJ. I'm not sure who our 4th receiver will be. Seriously, not counting rumors, we have AJ and several maybe's. KW has the inside shot at #2 and maybe he deserves it. He's a big bodied receiver with good hands, good instincts and, from what I've seen of him, pretty much fearless.
    He might not be a speed demon, but a speed demon isn't necessary to stretch a defense. Proper route running and a reutation for making plays are, though. He can do both. There seems to be an effort to get Mathis in the mix more. I'm not sure I like that idea. He's too valuable as a return guy and too injury prone to be my #2. I'd rather see him as a return specialist and MAYBE a #3. There should be fierce competition for #3 between Jacoby Jones, Andre Davis and Charlie Adams. Should be fun to watch.

    I'll do the D tomorrow.
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    Very nice analysis.

    I too am concerned with our center for 2007. Flanagan was too inconsistent last year. I've always thought he lacked upper body strength and thus, has a hard time getting any push/leverage on an opposing DT. His most recent photos on his player page show exactly what I'm talking about. What I see is a huge gut and a lack of athleticism needed to play center. What has he done to better himself for the upcoming season? Aside from being the team kiss-up.....it's hard to convience me that Flanagan has what it takes to be a solid Center. He might have been good in the past during his regime in GB, but I'd rather give McKinney another shot at center. At least he made solid contributions in our victories against Indy (first victory against the Colts) and Cleveland (season high 191 rushing yards).
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    My quick thoughts:

    (1) OL: I think a year of continuity in the second year of the same system, the addition of veteran depth and a more experienced running back with great blocking skills will make the unit better as a whole. I know a lot of people are looking at Spencer's return as the key to this year's success, but I think the year will depend on whether or not Flanagan has anything left in the tank. Even under the best scenario, I think we will finally learn if the OL during the past couple of season was horrible -or- if a weak unit looked horrible because the guy under center.

    (2) RB: What we lack in talent, I think we gain in depth. Next to DT, this will be the most interesting position battle to watch. When the dust settles, I am confident that we are going to have guys there that will get the job done. I like the way Dayne ended the season and wish him no ill will, but a part of me hopes that we have the type of young talent on this team to beat him out. Another important part of this equation will be to determine which one of these guys can contribute on special teams.

    (3) QB: Schaub has done everything right this offseason and I am excited t see him on the field. I don't think that we need a top 10 QB in the league to make this offense move. I just think about last year and knowing at the start of the game that we were going to waste at least two precious possessions with a fumbled snap and our QB tripping over the center.

    (4) Tight Ends: This is one of the position of the offense in which we have a proven commodity. Daniels played well last year and I look for him to improve in the second year of the system.

    (5) WR: Let me go on record and state that IMO, this has been the most over blown concern of the offseason. Do we need someone to step up and play well at the #2 spot - yes. Would I be happy if we had a proven guy at the #2 spot - yes. Are we doomed if we have a below average #2 guy - NO. We had two touchdown passes all of the second part of last season. If items 1-4 above are as good or better than we think they can be, we can get by with a serviceable #2 (which we know KW can be). Throw in a RB who can catch the ball out of the back field, a solid TE and we are going to be fine this year. If items 1-4 don't work out as good as we hope, having a #2 receiver isn't going to make a difference.
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    I was with you until here. If that's the truth then I hate the deal we made for Schaub. We'd have been better off drafting Quinn Colb etc. Fortunately I loved the deal because I think Schaub has a legitimate chance to be a very good starter in this league.

    Overall a very concise analysis (I struggle with that from time to time) in which you explained yourself well...

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    It's all about Matt Schaub. The uncertainty factor of him being a successful and competant NFL QB is less than with a rookie QB, but more than that of just a 2nd year guy like, oh maybe Matt Leinert, who has significant starting time from his rookie season with which he used to reinforce projections of his ability to be an NFL QB.
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    Summing it up,

    I think our run game is going to be huge for us this year. When it's all said & done, I think Ahman will be looked upon as the best addition to the club. Well have something like Atlanta's D.V.D. with all the choice backs we have.

    It will help keep the pressure from mounting too much on schaub & he will be able to learn & take advantage of that when teams start to stack the box.

    The Defense will make huge strides we will get more pressure than in years past, but something will still be missing, probably in the secondary as teams with a viable #2 WR will still be killing us.

    The boldest Good prediction i'm willing to make right now: we will sweep the jags again, Most would probably predict the titans based on their offseason, but i don't really feel it.

    My boldest bad prediciton i'm willing to make right now: Mario won't get more than 8 sacks this year. - I'll be ok with this as long as he is at least getting there & wreaking havoc, but for some fans & of course the media..........

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