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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Samer, Mar 21, 2007.

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    I am probably going to get nailed hard for this post but why not, just a little scenario I thought of while I was having supper and thinking about Schuab at QB. I think Carolina maybe in search of a QB so here it goes....

    David Carr
    10th pick in 2007 Draft

    14th pick in 2007 Draft - Nelson/Hall/Brown?
    45th pick in 2007 Draft - Best player available that fills a need

    This could mean that Carolina moves up and get another QB and Houston gets a 2nd round pick back...then it would seem like Houston traded down 6 spots in the 1st round and 5 spots in the 2nd round this year and a 2nd round pick next year
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  2. hadaad

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    Wouldn't they just give us the second to move up that far?
    Or am I crazy?
  3. Ole Miss Texan

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    i'm not going to nail you ..lol i kind of like it to tell you the truth.

    10th pick = 1300 points

    14th pick = 1100 pionts
    45th pick = 450 points

    so that's saying carr is roughly worth250 points which is = the 4th pick in the 3rd round. i think that'd be good value for carr.

    i like it a lot go job and great thinking. i think in all liklihood we already have a trade somewhat worked out w/ oakland though.

    with the 14th overall pick we could get ...
    -leon hall, darrelle revis, chris houston, reggie nelson, patrick willis, amobi okoye, adam carriker, levi brown, robert meachem....some of them anyways.

    with the 45th pick (2nd rd) we could look at...
    -brandon meriweather, eric weddle, sidney rice, aaron ross, damien hughes, anthony gonzales, etc.

    it doesnt bother me moving down 6 spots in the 1st and 2nd round honestly. at least not a whole lot.
    we'd have this..

    Trade David Carr for Matt Schaub for 2008 2nd round pick and move down 6 spots in the 1st and 2nd this year....HELL OF A DEAL.

    ps. i gave you rep!
  4. CarolinaTexan

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    as a carolina fan, i think i would cry if we traded for carr...i've suffered enough watching him play in houston :-(

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