What can player add point wise to a team?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by pittbull, Apr 21, 2006.

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    WIth the Texans adding Eric Moulds, Putzier, and replacing our center, how many points do you think it accounts for? Remember, the Texans finished 2-14 last season, but lost 6 GAMES, by 7 points or less. They played 4 games without thier pro bowl WR. 4 Games without DD, the O-line was banged up since training camp, and the DE's started going down as usual. Does the addition of Moulds and Putzier alone add 7 points or more to the production of our team? I say yes, easily. The Steelers utilized their TE to free up Ward, who lost his true #2 Burress. The Chargers have Gates to free up McCardell. BUT, also adding a true #2 threat opens up the field even more. How much more will the Texans offense be productive this season, even if we don't get the draft pick on offense we all want? Then ask yourself, what does a defensive player account for. A DB, a possible pick and TD. A Defensive lineman, a sack and loss of momentum (which I think is overrated) a kicker, 3 points at least. Just throwing it out there, because we're not just playing against the entire NFL, the most important thing is our division. We have to be able to score, as the division alone adds up to 6 victories and getting whipped out by the Colts high-flying act and shut down by the Jags defense = 4 losses. A split with Tennessee, split your out of conference road games and we are already out of the playoff hunt. What are your thoughts Texan fans?
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    UMMM.... we had one like that

    Try Jamie Sharper....he had a sack, a tackle, a forced fumble, a recovered fumble, and a TD all on one play....pretty goood but then we got screwed over by Orlando Pace...Man someone should kick his ***, no joke LOL

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