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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Please_Evolve, Feb 19, 2006.

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    The Jets, who from my understanding are in some cap troubles. Ok so We trade them sopts but instead of picks they ship us some young talent. John Abraham and Vilma and say a second rounder next year? We'd have our D sowed up pretty well with that deal especially taking Mario at #4 or with that offf pretty well could use our first two picks to address the Oline.

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    Jets aren't going to get rid of Vilma. They especially aren't going to get rid of both Abraham and Vilma for the #1 pick. They are way over the cap and have many holes. The last thing that they are going to do is create more holes and spend even more money.

    Jets are staying put or trading down like every other team that is picking high in the draft.
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    lol, vilma and abraham for a 2nd rounder? seriously?
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    Vilma is probably one of the only untouchable players on their whole team.
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    no, he proposed vilma, abraham, AND a second rounder, to trade up.
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    The way i've been receiving info about FA this year.Is that it's not a good year for FAs to be on the market.I wish I had listened a little closer to whats going on there.From what I got out of it is FA contracts and/or rookie contracts can't be pro rated 2 years past uncaped year.This is going to reduce big signing bonus because it can't be pro rated over 4 years,same with rookies contracts from my understanding.So from teams being reluctant to comit in much in such a short amount of time we may be able to get some pretty good deals from vets scrambling to find a team while the money is availible.It will have an impact on rookie contracts also so we have theat to think about also.This could turn into a great year to add players because other teams are going to be in a titer position then we are.We may want to coast a minute before making dicisions and let thing settle a bit.

    I feel a DE is most important ,,,,we are in position to draft a CB but I would think a vet to start would save a lot of worry..I think there will be a lot of linemen left after the draft but I can't wait to see this team get on the right track and fielding and competitor.I feel the plan is 10 wins with a QB...I just can't put my money on Carr...If he does click we could be looking at a playoff by my plan!

    Do you guys think Dunta can shut one side down in man?

    Then my plan is 2 100 tackles with average coverage 43LBs, 2DEs a CB A FSafety but we could half that with the draft and good coaching

    I think we can make it the first year with maybe adding one LB and Wong and Greenwood stepping up...The lbers can hurt but we can still servive

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