What about the our 2nd and 3rd picks -or other players we could target between 20-100

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    For a moment forget about Bush/VY.Leinert/Ferguson/Hawk/Williams (except with the understanding that it could influence us to not take certain position later on - or just assume we had forfeited those picks for this one post).

    Who does everyone like between picks 20-100 (our 2nd-4th round picks, or players we might trade up or down for)?

    At this point, I think this draft is stongest at OL. DL is also strong. LB appears solid. WR is weak. TE, QB, S and RB are weak after the first round.
    Since the draft is strongest at OL and DL (and we need both), I would focus my attention there (plus we should get better value for our picks since that is the strength of the draft).

    The players I think may go ahead of our pick at 33 that I would look at trading up for include:
    OTs - Scott/McNeill/Winston (trade up to 22nd pick)
    TE - Is Pope/Davis/Lewis worth moving up for?

    At pick 33:
    Jean-Gilles, should be there and could be a probowl G for years.
    There are a few players that should go higher than 33 but might slide and would be hard to pass on: DTs Ngato and Wright; CB Tye Hill, OTs Winston, Scott, McNeill, Justice, O'Callaghan

    Between Pick 33 and pick 66:
    Tutui - this guy moved up the board with his performance in the Rose Bowl. I would move up to pick 45 for this guy.

    At 65 and 66:
    DTs Bunkley, Orien Harris
    Secondary: Kelly Jennings CB Miami or Jason Allen S/CB Tennessee
    LB: Spencer Havner 6-3, 240 UCLA
    or any good OTs that fall:
    Daryn Colledge 6-5, 296 Boise State
    Andrew Whitworth 6-7, 330 LSU
    Jabari Levey 6-5, 320 South Carolina
    Jami Hightower 6-4, 365 Texas A&M
    Zach Strief 6-7, 350 Northwestern
    Jeremy Trueblood 6-8, 320 Boston College

    After 66 but before 97:any worth moving up for would be taken at #66.

    97 or so:- DT Dusty Dvoracek, DT Jolley A&M
    Centers; Kyle Young 6-5, 320 Fresno State, Mike Degory 6-5, 296 Florida or Nick Mangold 6-4, 300 Ohio State

    As far as late round flyers:
    Nick Reid 6-3, 230 OLB Kansas - A real playmaker.
    John Syptak DE/OLB 6-2, 255 Rice - Another guy that just makes plays.
    These guys would be wonderful special teams guys, at the least.

    I would be pretty pumped if we took Jean-Gilles in the 2nd and still got Tutui. We would be set at OG for the next 15 years. Follow that up with a decent C or DT and we will have had a good draft.

    What are your thoughts on guys we should target between 20 and 100?
  2. I;m going to have to say that somehere amongst all t his #1 and oline talk that the defense needs to be address somewhere, especially now that we will have a new scheme. More than likely we will switch to a 4-3 depending on the coach and will need a DE. We lack a good CB and LB as well. IS our safety positions solid, I don't think so, but being in Fangios defense might have be a little too difficult for them so you never know. I'd hate for us to draft nothing but offensive players the 1st day.
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    SES, I agree that our D need serious help. But, so does our offense. I guess I am more concerned with the offense because I want to give Carr a chance to prove himself. As it is, he has not had the chance. During the Baltimore game, the commentators were on point when they said that Carr didn't have time to make a 2nd read (Carr was dropping back and looking at one WR and either throwing it to him or throwing it away). So, the DBs were reading him and jumping the routes.
    It is my belief that any good qb needs several things: accuracy, quick release, ability to make multiple reads.
    We don't know if Carr has the ability to make multiple reads because he hasn't had the chance. So, my focus is a little more on the offense.

    But, if we looked at D:
    DL - we have old overpaid players - I would spend a 3rd or 4th on another young DL to prep to replace aging players.
    Secondary - We have young players at safety that deserve another year to prove themselves. We need a good CB opposite Dunta. If there is a value pick like Hill in the 2nd, then he would be hard to pass up - otherwise, I wait and fill the hole next year.
    LB - Who knows what we have? We need to define our system and see which guys are keepers. So, unless we have a set strategy, I would focus picks elsewhere this year and focus here next year. Of course, if there is good value, you take it.

    On O we need linemen.
    WR sucks this year, so other teams will "reach" meaning we would never get fair value for a pick of we took one.
    TE sucks after the big 3. RB isn't good after the top 4 (plus we wouldn't take a RB or QB in rounds 2-5 anyway).

    So, I agree that the D needs help. But, I hope we spend at least three of our 2nd-4th round picks on OL - with maybe one defensive player mixed in. Of course, if we add extra picks, then BPA.
  4. Yes I can see your point, but if you select a lot of offensive guys this team will definitely need more time to come together as a team. So implore all you Bush and Young heads to realize that. If we picked Young it will take him long to get adjusted to the NFL and different system than if would Bush. I don't want to hear that Young is a bust after his first year in the NFL, QB's have a lot to get adjusted to, that's why most rookie QB's aren't spectacular.
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    Back in the cellar again
    This draft seems to have some nice early (first day) depth on the O-line and at TE. If we draft Young or Bush, I think we should basically focus on "finishing" the offense with our first day picks (at least 3 of the 4). Then we use our 2nd day picks and FA to fill in our needs on defense. In 2007, we focus almost entirely on defense. This draft just seems to be catered to fill in our needs on offense.

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