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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Grid, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Not much to say after that.. my optimism has been slowly eroding since week 1, and the Washington game saw a huge chunk of it fall away.

    Im not gonna throw a hissy and talk about how needs to be fire or let go...it is still way to early for that..but some thoughts:

    1. Our defense is absolutely horrendous. I was prepared to say that we just needed more time, and that we looked alot worse going up against the Colts and Eagles.. that is not the case. We should have come into this game ready to prove something, and I suppose we did...we proved that we do not have the players we need on defense, and we arent going to go anywhere untill we get them.

    Here is my list of needs for our team:

    A. Defensive End: We arent getting pressure and we arent stopping the run. Mario Williams is not just raw.. he does not seem to be "mentally there" to play in the NFL. He is a two year project. We need a playmaker opposite of Williams.. someone who can stuff the run, and sack the QB.

    B. Defensive Tackle: We REALLY need to have a strength on this defense...SOMETHING we are good at.. and I think it needs to start in the trenches. We need to stuff the run.. force the pass and start creating turnovers and sacks. Our DTs arent bad.. but they arent good either..and we need someone good.

    C. Outside Linebacker: DeMeco looks like our only good LB..we need to put someone next to him that can do more than tackle the guys that our DL doesnt stop (which..actually..we dont even have that it seems). We are getting chewed up by short passes.. and its not just this year..it happened all last year too.

    D. Defensive Coordinator: This is a "maybe".. I think it could just be our players.. I think we may be lacking the tools to do well. I didnt see bad plays being called so much as people blowing assignments, blowing tackles, and just playing bad, stupid football. Does that fall on the coach? Yah..some.. but im not ready to put a crosshair on smiths head yet. I will include it in this list though..cause if a more accomplished DC becomes available, I think we should consider it. Smith doesnt have alot of experience doing this..and it is apparent that we need someone who REALLY knows what they are doing to fix this broken team.

    2. Our offense really isnt that bad. I actually think our offense is good and I think Carr looks great. I beleive at this point that Carr WILL be a franchise QB.. WILL play at a pro bowler level.. and WILL be the guy that can take us to the playoffs. But.. we have GOT to get some consistency. We are shooting ourselves in the foot with bad snaps, fumbles, dropped passes, penalties.. etc..etc.. When you are down 28 to 7.. you cant afford to come out of halftime and have to punt after 3 snaps and 45 seconds. We need to step up in those situations and play good, solid, mistake free ball. That is something that I think we will learn under Kubiak.

    3. Our offensive line looks good to me. Our weakness at this point seems to be the running game. This is going to be an ongoing project im sure.. and I expect that next offseason we will acquire a couple more young linemen to begin grooming. In a couple seasons, I expect our Oline will have Spencer, Winston, Pitts, and Hodgdon as starters... and a couple more young guys in the wings. All in all.. I think our Oline is much improved..but still has a ways to go. It is no longer a weakness though, in my mind.

    4. On a positive note..I love our playcalling. Kubiak is making smart plays on offense..and its exciting to watch when it is actually working. We were getting the ball to Johnson today and I love to see that. We used our TEs, and we got the ball where it needed to go more often than not. If our defense would get off the field we would be looking impressive on offense imo.

    5. Ive been predicting an 8-8 season.. and im sticking to that for now. Im hoping that something is gonna click on defense by week 6. But if it doesnt, we are gonna have a top 10 pick. Kubiak said that the success or failure of this team depends on Carr.. and id have to disagree with him. The success or failure of this team rests squarely on the shoulders of our defense. Our offense is playing well enough to win games.. our defense though.. worst in the league by a very large margin.

    Anyway, ive got a headache so im gonna go sit in a dark room and brood for a while.

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