Well.. I might as well add him to the list.

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Grid, Oct 3, 2005.

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Im already convinced that Capers and Fangio need to go at the end of the season.. but ive been a Casserly supporter for a while.

    However.. after thinking about it for a while.. the moves we have made (as far as acquiring/drafting..and letting people go) are a big contributor to our current problems.

    Greenwood, Babin, Buchanan, Hollings.. these are all players that we gave up ALOT to get.. and as of right now.. not a one of them is contributing anything useful to this team.

    He is also largely responsible for Palmer, Capers, and Fangio being our coaches.

    Just wanted to say that I am now in favor of a complete overhaul in the coaching department.

    BTW.. some people dont agree with my opinion that Fangio needs to go. I just wanted to point out that the reason Fangio was available for hire was because he was the coach of one of the worst defenses in the league..the colts... and they let him go because the defense he was running was too complex. Basicly.. he ran a complex defense with lots of blitzes.. and the Colts didnt have enough veterans on defense to run it effectively..so they finished 29th in the league (the year he was fired).

    Well now we dont have enough veterans to run a complex defense.. and even when we DID have plenty of veterans.. we STILL couldnt provide a pass rush for the life of us.

    The only positive this defense has had in the last 2 1/2 years is our secondary.. and that can be attributed to Hoke and Dunta Robinson more than Fangio.

    Fangios defense is a failure..bottom line.. and I havent seen any effective changes being made.

    If we DO get a whole new coaching staff.. expect a bad year next year too.. its gonna take time for things to get back in order.
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    Apr 29, 2004
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    When Capers was announced as the HC of the Texans I wasn't thrilled but felt he had experience with an expansion team and should have learned from the mistakes made.

    When Palmer was hired I was happy because he's known for a wide open offense and had a track record for developing QBs.

    When Fangio was announced I was a little shocked. His rep wasn't good with the Colts and I'd also heard about the complex defense he prefers to run. That was supposedly his downfall in Indy. My only hope was that Capers' would be the real DC with Fangio as more an assistant DC running Capers system.


    Now looking back I see that Palmer and Capers weren't made for each other. I think that Palmer set us back a year or 2. He was a poor play caller and a weak leader. I'm happy he is no longer with the team.

    Capers did what he promised in the first 3 seasons. The team improved each season with his "stay close until the 4th quarter" thinking. He has done well with teams full of rookies and journeymen. I haven't expected much more until this season. So far only one game this season has come close to being a decent game and it came with a side of 7 sacks allowed and no forced TOs. Not good at all.

    Fangio was as advertised. His defenses have been weak. It appears to me as if players are always questioning where they are supposed to be. The lack of a pass rush and turnovers are a serious concern that has been a problem from day one. This falls mostly on Fangio but also Capers and Casserly get some of the blame here.

    Fangio should be the next scapegoat voted off the island. If he hasn't already, Capers should eliminate all traces of Fangio's system and install his defense. Capers should allow Pendry virtually full control of the offense and Capers should be HC/DC. If the defense can become a feared unit, creating havok with sacks and turnovers, then the season may be able to be salvaged. Even an 8-5 record over the final 13 games could be considered a moral victory if we are at least competitive in the remaining losses. If we fail to win 8 games this season then I doubt Capers will be asked to return. If Fangio remains and this defense remains on this pitiful pace, Capers is a lock to be looking for a DC job somewhere next season.
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    couldnt agree more. when looking at what casserly's done here objectively, it's really hard to support him as a whole. if he even mentioned our coaching staff to mcnair, that's the biggest red flag. as for players, we've got talent, but not enough to think about playoffs with. homeruns were hit with dunta & DD. after that, very few moves have been made that improve this team (outside of cutting matt stevens). signing robaire smith & todd wade were the first signs of life from the front office addressing our biggest needs, but it's completely void after that.

    fangio i agree with too. our lb's look entirely lost in coverage. every game so far this season we're getting burned by anyone not in man coverage (and in man vs p-burnt). so many times we've got 3+ guys around the ball watching it lazily fly to a receiver sitting between them ... it's not brady out there picking apart the zone, it's our guys not knowing where to be or how to adjust as the play developes. our coverage i believe was mainly due to the talent & experience of aaron glenn & marcus coleman, plus the addition of dunta. as for the pass rush, we're too hesitant. watch the OLB's ... the offensive tackles have atleast 2 steps on them because they're not sure whether to drop back or blitz. that hesitation gives the offensive line time to spread and get in position.

    i for one would gladly take (another) year of downtime to fix things that are so glaringly bad instead of sitting on our thumbs hoping things fix themselves. many wont however unless mcnair becomes vocal with something to the equivelant of "we're not heading the right direction and we're going to do everything possible to make it right".
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    Yes Casserly has made several drafting mistakes in the youth of our franchise. As a young team we needed more to stockpile young talent than to try and find diamonds and fenagle trades for the flavor of the week picks. Fangio has never been an overly good D. Coordinator and he was at his best in Jacksonville as a LB coach. Hoke is our best bet at D.C. and you would see a hell of alot more blitzing. I say at the end of the season. We grab Hoke as the DC and then take away some of Casserly's power for personnel decisions.
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    May 1, 2004
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    I just watched the 2nd half again and I'd have to agree. the 3-4 works for most teams just not the Texans and I DON'T believe its ALL personel.

    they fired the OC its only equal & fair he share the same fate. Fangio should go and promote Jon Hoke :ok:

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