We will know who is right in three years.

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Rightnow, May 1, 2006.

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    Regardless of what happens next year, in three years either Mario, Young or Bush will be a star (maybe all of them). It is possible that Young won't even play for a year or two and Bush is probably going to be used in conjunction with McAllister to start. Mario might see the most playing time out of the three.

    After the initial shock of not picking Bush, I think that Mario is the right choice—assuming he is what they claim him to be. He isn't a glamorous pick and won't make the front page of any national sports website or paper beyond the draft. There won't be a lot of highlights of him on ESPN unless it is a sack. This is the number one reason why the local media is down on him. He isn't an interesting story. What is more interesting? Payton Manning or the Steeler's Defense? Glamorous stars are everything in this country. It's why you can put Tom Cruise in a crappy movie and some people will still watch it. But glamorous stars aren't everything.

    Mario will be a quiet star. One that is in every defensive scene, and do great, but in all likely hood won't be as well known as David Carr if we win a Super Bowl. Even bad quarterbacks are known by name, but a good defensive end is hardly recognized by most fans.

    So why is he a good pick? Simple. Our defense stinks. It was 31st in the league last year and for over three years we've had no pass rush. For all of Caper's talk about defense first, his and Fangio's defense stunk to high heaven. Kubiak is having to rebuild it from the ground up, and the first piece is a fantastic DE.

    Some people seem to think that Bush is the second coming of Christ or such, and will guarantee us a Super Bowl. He can't if our defense stinks. Cory Dillon, Earl Campbell, and Barry Sanders were are fantastic running backs that couldn't get anywhere because the rest of their team stank.

    The same is said for Young. Dan Marino, Warren Moon and possibly Payton Manning have the same problem. One man, no matter how good, does not make a team.

    I'm not taking anything away from Bush or Young, they will probably be great players, but they won't win a Superbowl if the team they are on is ranked 31st in defense.

    Mario is an important piece of the puzzle for the Texans. He isn't superman, but he will be super in his position. It all begins and ends with the offensive and defensive line. If they stink, your team stinks. If they are great your team can go all of the way.
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    You sir are talking loco, and I like it. :superman:
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    3 years sounds fair. Dude's only 20.

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