We gotta get bush, he is like a 3 in one player...

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by supertankman, Dec 10, 2005.

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    We gotta get this guy, we can use him in so many different areas, wide out, tail back, running back, rotate him and dd and you will see an amazing turn around next year considering we spend the rest of our picks getting a good solid line. No the defense, thats a different story, I say we focus more on the offense side of things this year.
  2. MorKnolle

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    The only thing I agree with here is focusing this draft on the offense, but I'll get more into the reasoning for that in a couple weeks.
  3. HOOK'EM

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    Oct 10, 2005
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    ......gotta get da Bush!:yahoo:
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    did this really need a new thread??? come on now.
  5. LoneStarState

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    Why not? There's new VY thread every 5 minutes - usually disguised with other topics.

    By the way, found an interesting read on the Titans Board. Hmmm - I would have to disagree with many of the assumptions included...

    See below...

    "Originally Posted by txlonghorn14
    seems like titans fans would appreciate v. young more than houston would. on the texans board, they're all hellbent on getting reggie bush."

    From "Hookem Horns"
    Don't be fooled, a small/vocal minority have taken over the official Texans board. The same types that try to come off as the football "experts".

    Hello pot. Everytime someone mentions anyone other than the almighty Vince Young, you hyperventilate. And I would estimate that the group supporting Reggie Bush or trading down isn't quite that small...

    Anytime someone mentions VY they are ready to pounce.

    See above...

    These posters are also obviously very anti-UT which pretty much kills their credibility. Anytime someone says anything negative about Carr or gives a good reason why the Texans should go with Vince, they just start with all that anti-UT garbage, like anyone that thinks Vince is a great player MUST be a Texas fan, because no one else is seeing it, etc.

    Hmmm... so "obviously very anti-UT?" I have seen even some longhorns dispute the notion that VY should be the first pick. Not everyone falls into your "anit-UT" mold.

    I listen to Houston sports radio during the day from the internet and about 4 out of every 5 calls is someone begging the Texans to draft Vince or someone given a good reason why they should.

    Sports 610, All Vince All the time... And these folks are more experts than the one's you take a slap at above? Hmmm...

    Houston has gone VY crazy and that's probably why those who have taken over the Texans board are getting sick of VY. You can't measure the mood of a city by a messageboard, especially that one. If VY were drafted by the Texans, the fans of Houston would treat him like they did Earl Campbell, mark my words on that one.

    An assumption here. All the crys on this board for people not to boo at the games proves that there is relatively small number of fans who read this stuff - because as I recall there were still a lot of booing going on. Oh, and the only way VY will be treated like Earl Campbell is if he produces a playoff like Earl. Not likely to happen in VY's first season either.

    I am in the pro-Vince camp also, I don't want Reggie Bush.


    My main reason for Young is I don't think Carr is going to amount to anything and Young will be a great QB in the NFL. I have watched him improve his game dramatically each season while watching Carr's decline.

    At this point - it's not worth typing anymore... :blah:

    It's gonna be a long time until the end of April...

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