was the offensive play calling bad against the Steelers?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by LBC_Justin, Sep 21, 2005.

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    What do you think.

    What did the Texans do too much of?
    Run to much? Pass to much?

    What did the Texans do wrong?
    What did the Texans do right?
    Too conservative? Too aggressive?

    LET'S HEAR IT...

    PS: I agree the team needed to do something to shake things up. So palmer is gone.
  2. It was horrible, the Steelers are great, not just good, but great run defense. Everyone knew that going into this game. The way to beat them was with the play action pass and spread offense. Instead we try to lineup in a strong formation with 3 TE (2 of which would have never made another other team but ours) and tried to plays smashmouth football.

    On offense we had a sparkle of imagination but were blitzed into oblivion. We provide no audibles for us to motion a man onto the blitzers of motion Davis out of the backfield for a quick hitch. We had no play to pick up the SS other than a 5 yard out to Gaffney where David has to pass right into his line of attack where the SS can disrupt the play easily.
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    What did the Texans do too much of? failed to work together

    Run to much? Not enough

    Pass to much? Yes

    What did the Texans do wrong? did not make the Steelers pay for bringing in the blitz packages time after time, Carr could have ran up the pocket instead of out of the pocket into trouble

    What did the Texans do right? Payne played great holding the point of attack in the middle, the offensive line looked better than in week 1, Domanick looks effective, AJ is still a stud, made the usual halftime adjustments to try get back in the game, cut way down on turnovers.

    Too conservative? not on the playcalling but on taking gambles with special teams & 4th down situations

    Too aggressive? not on sending a pass rush & applying pressure to their QB like they did to ours

    LET'S HEAR IT... there you have it :texans:
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    It is pretty rediculous to put 3 TEs on the field and try to power run against the Pittsburgh Steelers, especially when I know 2 of them don't belong out there and Matt Murphy is NOT a blocker.

    When they did run, did anyone else think that DD was running where the whole was SUPPOSED TO BE instead of where it was?
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    Its not that they had this particular set on the field .... The problem to me is that they were moving the ball down the field in the second quarter with a more open 3 WR set . Once they get to the 25 or so they pull the plug and go 3 TE's .

    Sending 3 Te's out there just SCREAMS RUN and when the Texans run its almost always LEFT . Why not run the ball from the 3 WR set which forces the defense to defend the pass as well as the run instead of stacking the line ? Why not a Draw play ? How about a direct snap to the RB from the shotgun ? Anything but a 3TE set and run DD to the Left .

    Whoever is calling these plays has ZERO imagination . When the defense can predict what type of play is coming .... Its MUCH EASIER TO DEFEND .

    Kinda reminds me of last season .... Send in Bruener . ITS A RUN . Send in Billy Miller . ITS A PASS.

    Running a triple option offense would be LESS PREDICTABLE than this garbage .... And Carr wouldnt take any more hits than he does in the current system :brickwall
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    why not use the 3te set and pass ive seen it tons of times, heck the steelers did it several times to us....

    and when you spread out the d run on them dont make it so easy for the d to read the play............

    I just cant believe that a fan (me and several others arounds me ) can say run by way the texans are lining up........

    can you also say throw the ball to the FB and the TE, I believe anybody that is on that field and is a eligble reciever you should have the option to throw to them come on , its not rocket science

    I understand using the 3te set but you know what if you plan to run completely out of that formation you had better have a running o like the steelers, or like the the old days of the Cornhuskers, where they would setup in the run and dare you to stop them.....

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