VY? Forget bout it.

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Wolfman's Brother, Jan 13, 2006.

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    Jan 11, 2006
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    As much as I love watching the physical specimen that is Vince Young I got to say folks...it ain't gonna happen. Texans ain't going to pick him 1st. We all might as well get over it right now because it won't happen. They (the owners and coaches) will hear the masses but will bring in the choice that brings wins not fan support. Don't get me wrong. It's not the vince is not one of the best we've ever seen. It's that we already have a very good QB and the chance to add a very good RB to go along with a very good WR. Look at any power horse of a team in the NFL. Almost always they had that 3 pronged force of a great QB, WR, and RB. Of course look at ALL the Super Bowl contenders you won't ONE that had a sub-par or even average OL. The coaches know this! They know Carr will suffice if he finnally has some mentorship. They know that Bush and Davis will be an near unstoppable force in the running game. They know that they will have a few years till they can protect all these pieces with outstanding linemen and find the QB of the defense while they are at it. (since they gambled away Sharper..don't et me started) All one has to do is look at the photo they posted on the Texans homepage. That says it all right there. It's such a foregone conclusion for them they are already trying to have Houstonians warm up to the guy. Why did they not post a picture of Vince the day he entered the draft. IN FACT. I think they had David Carr's picture on there that day. Again trying to get us to stop thinking about Young and concentrate on what they are going to keep. Kubiak is coming to town folks. That's the real story here. He's been away from his home for sometime. Some say they wern't born in Texas but they came as quick as they could and once a Texan always a Texan. Welcome home Coach. Welcome home Bush. Vince, sorry bud your great and all and we'll be scared to death when you come to town but I hope you like gumbo and dirty rice and craw dads.
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    good post wolfbro :) but some of us don't think the Texans should even be in this position in the first place. the owner fired the coaching staff and it had to be difficult because we all know he respected and liked Capers alot. Its pretty clear he did not have the best of talent to run those schemes. In the case of David Carr they changed system's to address his lack of time & protection in the pocket, more conservative playcalling, short & intermediate routes in a run oriented system.

    now the Texans have the opportunity to change from a system QB to a QB who is the system- the price of this has been a horrific season, for all the fans who suffered, Vince Young is the remedy. we should not be here but we are, now is the chance for this franchise to break the chains that have held it back (I thought the Texans were more competitive in their 1st expansion year).

    its time for a clean break and a new Vince-era :ok:
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    Jan 4, 2006
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    trade the pick
  4. Wordem

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    Jan 8, 2006
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    He'll be a Texan. That's a lock.
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    Is this the same Gary "plug any running back in, doesn't have to be a #1 overall back" Kubiak that has been running the Denver "if we can't make a star out of Maurice Clarett then nobody can" Broncos offense??

    If so, we'll trade the pick, before we get Reggie "most likely won't be a 20 carry back/really needs to be in a two back set" Bush. Kubiak takes downhill between the tackle Lendale White types of backs, and not the needs to get to the corner before the "faster than UT Defense" Pro NFL defense.

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