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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by David's Busted Carr, Jan 5, 2006.

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    I know he has not declared, BUT since he just WON the national championship and went off for almost 500 yards, his stock will never be higher. Plus if the Texans put out word they were interested he'd most likely come out.

    I personally believe the David Carr will NOT succeed in Houston. He's a fine QB and may do well somewhere else, but just putting on the Texans uniform brings out the sack demons and jitters in David.

    Now would be the time to replace him with his option due. Just let him walk and take VY. If need be grab a vet to hold us over for a year if you want VY to learn the NFL.

    I REALLY like Reggie Bush, BUT we just invested over $20 million in DD and he's a servicable back. I do not see the point in tying up over $60 million in one position if we took Bush.

    Plus Vince is a hometown guy and would fill the stadium EVERY week when he starts. He may not be the best passer in the league, but he doesn't have to be. Think of a bigger, smarter, more accurate Michael Vick. And he's a proven winner & LEADER with a career record of 30-2 in his starts.

    WOW, whoever makes this years picks for the Texans will be earning their money. There are SOOOO many directions they can go. I just hope for our sakes they know what they are doing and make the right choices.
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    You left out the biggest difference between Vick and Young.


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