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    If we choose Bush it will be the biggest mistake since San Diego took Leif over Manning! Carr has had his shot. Time to move on. New coach AND new field general!
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    Hi JoeBob, welcome to the board.

    While I share your feelings towards VY, we already have soooooo many threads started on who to take in this draft. Just pick one and your fun will begin.

    Be prepared though, people are getting very worked up about this around here!
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    I disagree with your logic about Bush being the worst pick since Ryan Leaf. Ryan Leaf was a complete bust, Reggie Bush will produce in the nfl. I see everyone comparing VY to Vick but what has Vick done in the nfl? He has put a few highlights on the tv but he hasn't done much else. His passing stats are very average and now that he has limited his running he is a middle of the pack qb. VY will not be allowed to run in the nfl just like Vick is asked not to run. If he does try to run he will end up like all the other scrambling qbs (McNair, McNabb and Vick) with multiple injuries and unable to produce. He has to be a pocket qb and that im not sure if he can do right now.
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    First of all. Stop with the Vick bashing. All Vick has done in the nfl is lead his team to the nfc championship game one season, and pull off an upset playoff win in Lambeau field in another season...not to mention he has one of the highest winning percentages as a starter in the nfl. Look at the falcons record when vick starts vs. the falcons record when he sits and tell me he has done nothing. Also...3 probowls. Secondly, he doesnt HAVE to be a pocket qb. Vick runs, and is successfull doing it. I believe he flirted with a 1,000 yard season. You dont know what the coaching staff would do with a vince young. Finally, you dont know that reggie bush will produce in the NFL. Did Kijana Carter light it up? No guarantees in the draft, so kindly stop speaking in absolutes. Reggie could just as easily be a bust as vince, dbrick, super mario, or hawk.

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