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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by keyser, Mar 28, 2007.

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    I see a lot of talk about what we might get for various trades down out of the #10 spot, including some crazy ones like Buffalo giving up a 2nd round choice to move up 2 slots. Of course, a lot will depend on how badly a team might want to trade (or not), but just to give an idea, I thought it would be helpful to list what we would expect to get from a trade down to various positions I’ve seen speculated. These list some rough options that come close to meeting the values of the usual draft chart that’s out there. Keep in mind that teams already short in number of picks (like Buffalo and the Jets) probably won’t trade 3 picks in this year’s draft for one of ours. In general, you could substitute a round X in this year with a round X-1 in next year’s draft.

    To Buffalo
    Get Buffalo’s #12, 4th rounder and 6th rounder
    or Get Buffalo’s #12, #74 (rd3), and 7th rounder but give up our 4th and 6th rounders

    To Green Bay
    Get Green Bay’s #16, and #47 (rd2), but give up our 4th and 5th rounders.
    or Get Green Bay’s #16, and #47 (rd2), but give up our 4th rounder and swap spots in the 3rd round (we give them #73, they give us #78).
    or Get Green Bay’s #16, #78 (rd3), and 4th rounder, but give up our 7th rounder.

    To Denver
    Get Denver’s #21, #56 (rd2), #86 (rd3)

    To New England
    Get NE’s #24 and #28, but give up our 4th and 7th rounders.

    To NY Jets
    Get NY’s #25, #59 (rd2), #63 (rd2)

    I think something like the 2nd Buffalo or Green Bay trades are most realistic. The one I'd like the most is the Denver trade (even better if it were a #2 next year instead of that #3 this year).
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    It would make that Schaub deal almost painless with Denver and then Kubs could draft Kalil possibly in that new spot or a quality CB (outside WR shot)
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    Well if we do trade down into the 20's and pick up some picks this year and next we could easily solidify our oline once and for all. Draft Ryan Kalil C USC and Ryan Harris OT ND which Kubes apparently liked at the combine/pro day.
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    This was the topic I was going to start today...

    I think that the Texans will not try to get back into the 2nd round this year, but I could see them trying to get a 2nd round pick in next years draft. The reason being that we still have salary cap problems, and we may not be able to afford a 2nd round pick this year.

    Going with this theory, I could see them trading down to the 15 to 20 range, picking up a 2nd next year, and getting a wr or cb, whichever is the best available.

    This years 2nd round pick is Matt Schaub from Virginia.
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    back row, far right
    is it really that much to sign a mid round 2nd rounder??

    i would love to see one of those deals go down. mainly the NE trade. think of it as getting a low-mid 1st and a really really early 2nd #28.

    Joe Staley and Chris Houston???omgz!!1!

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