Utah Attorney General to take on BCS

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    The Utah Attorney General has my full support.

    Go Utes!

    SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah's attorney general is investigating the Bowl Championship Series for a possible violation of federal antitrust laws after an undefeated Utes team was left out of the national title game for the second time in five years.

    Attorney General Mark Shurtleff contends the BCS unfairly puts schools like Utah, which is a member of a conference without an automatic bid to the lucrative bowl games, at a competitive and financial disadvantage.

    "We've established that from the very first day, from the very first kickoff in the college season, more than half of the schools are put on an unlevel playing field," Shurtleff said Tuesday. "They will never be allowed to play for a national championship."


    Under the BCS, about $9.5 million is distributed among Conference USA, the Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt and Western Athletic conferences for making their teams available to play in BCS games.

    By comparison, the share to each conference with an automatic berth in the BCS -- the ACC, Big East, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-10 and SEC -- is about $18 million each. When a second team from one of those conferences qualifies to play in a BCS game, as the SEC accomplished this year with Alabama and Florida, that conference gets an additional $4.5 million.

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    Nice, I think itll take a major program boycotting a BCS bid to get things started, but this wont happen...
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    Morally he has a valid case. Unfortunately he doesn't legally. I personally would like to see the BCS torn down and a playoff system installed. It wouldn't be hard to do. Drop some of the meaningless non-conference games at the beginning of the season and use the lesser bowls as the earlier round games and the major bowls for the semi's and final. Everyone still makes tons of cash and the schools do not play that many more games. The only losers are the smaller schools that count on the revenue that is brought in by scheduling the bigger schools early in the year and something can be figured out about that.
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    Yep. If Mack Brown and Pete Carrol wanted to prove a point, turn down your bids. That would be the only way a change is disscussed, if their money makers bail.

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