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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by keyfro, Mar 9, 2006.

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    does anyone know why players like rod wright, will allen, aaron harris, and cedric griffith are falling...i mean at one point wright was considered a top 10 pick and now i've heard he might fall all the way to the 4th round...allen and harris weren't even invited to the combine and griffith who i think is a solid 2nd rounder after running a 4.5 40 is being mentioned in the 4th round...people should remember than nathan vasher fell because of his 40 time and now look at him in chicago...but i'm still clueless as to why wright is falling
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    cedric griffin's stock has risen if anything

    aaron harris doesn't have nfl size, was never much of a nfl prospect, that hasn't changed

    will allen hasn't ever been considered much of a nfl prospect

    wright's stock has fallen a lot since 2 years ago, no doubt about that, its because he has a questionable worth ethic, and hasn't improved much since his freshmen year
  3. Mightymike

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    john scott's stock hasen't been risin either
  4. Kaiser Toro

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    Straight Outta Austin
    Griffin has been rising by the accounts I have read. Wright has been an enigma for years and could be a great value. Scott I think will be a great value as well. Harris and Allen I would not say have fallen, but rather are what they are as their methods, size and speed do not translate to must see TV.
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    Wright has been double teamed for the past 2 seasons, bigtime. Lack of #'s as well as him not having a nasty streak might have him in the low 1st/high 2nd. The rest of the guys might fall where they pretty much plan to.

    I saw Wright as a guy to be picked in the late teens anyways so no surprise to see him drop 5-10 spots. He'll be a contributor in the NFL though, just don't know to what level.
  6. TexanBacker93

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    Wright will not go in the 1st round. Good size, but questionable drive will keep teams from looking at him in the 1st and probably the 2nd round as well. He was considered a future top 10 picks after his 1st season at UT. Since then he's been sliding.
  7. Matt_Alkire

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    Feb 4, 2006
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    Wright has only fallen for people that actually watch game film. I haven't thought of him as a Top 10 pick ever. Infact, I've never had him as a 1st round guy. Showed alot of promise early in his career, but is just plain lazy. I wouldn't draft him period if I were running a team, but I'd imagine he'll be a 3rd or 4th round player.

    Griffin hasn't fallen. If anything he's risen in value.

    Huff is a Top 10 guy without a doubt in my opinion.

    Will Allen has never impressed me. I don't have him as a draftable player.

    Jonathan Scott is a waist bender and a finesse guy. Not sure his stock has fallen though. He's a 2nd rounder. Could be a 1st. Word from some scouts in the AFC West is that the Chargers like him alot. Don't know what round they like him in though.

    Young's stock has fallen for obvious reasons.
  8. MorKnolle

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    Agreed, I never ever heard of Rodrique Wright being a top 10 pick, and as of now I don't see him going in the top two rounds, and maybe not even on the first day.

    I think during the season Griffin was somehow being pegged as a 2nd rounder or so, but I think he'll probably be a 3rd rounder and has been thought of that way since the season ended.

    I definitely agree, I think he'll be a top 7 pick (my one and only mock I've done so far had him going to the 49ers at #6) and definitely the first DB off the board.

    Allen could be a decent OG but I don't see him being picked in probably the top five rounds, maybe he'll be a 6th-7th rounder but I never thought he'd be all that high of a pick either.

    Some people on here have wanted Scott at #33 for some reason, I don't think he's worth that high of a pick. I'd take him later in the 2nd if we had a pick in there and I'd take him at #65/66 if we haven't gotten an OLineman yet. I don't think his stock has fallen, if anything it's just the other top OTs have risen and left him behind. I think Ferguson, Winston, Justice, Colledge, and McNeill will all be picked before him.

    Agreed. I think his stock has fallen some because of some of the negative publicity he's taken recently and he hasn't done anything to improve his stock (i.e. Cutler has had some nice workouts and brought himself into the forefront of people's minds, whereas the magic of the Rose Bowl is wearing off and Vince hasn't done anything else in the last two months to resurface his name in a positive manner).

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