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    So I have seen quite a bit of mock drafts on the net, and many seem different, so I went and got a couple of mock drafts across the net. Here are their top 8 picks:

    1. OAK- Jamarcus Russel QB LSU
    2. DET- Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
    3. CLE- Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    4. TB- Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
    5. ARI- Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
    6. WAS- Alan Branch DT Michigan
    7. MIN- Gaines Adams DE Clemson
    8. HOU- Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma

    1. Oakland Raiders - *Calvin Johnson, WR Georgia Tech
    2. Detroit Lions - Joe Thomas, OT Wisconsin
    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers *Jamaal Anderson, DE Arkansas
    4. Cleveland Browns - *JaMarcus Russell, QB LSU
    5. Arizona Cardinals - *Reggie Nelson, FS Florida
    6. Washington Redskins - Gaines Adams, DE Clemson
    7. Minnesota Vikings - *Ted Ginn Jr., WR Ohio State
    8. Houston Texans - *Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma

    #1 JaMarcus Russell
    #2 Brady Quinn
    #3 Adrian Peterson
    #4 Calvin Johnson
    #5 Joe Thomas
    #6 Gaines Adams
    #7 Dwayne Jarrett
    #8 LaRon Landry

    Two of the drafts have us getting Adrian Peterson, one Landry. I really think the texans want Adrian Peterson, if he is available. Tampa Bay, Detroit, Arizona, Washington, and Minnesota all can be counted out in drafting Adrian Peterson. That leaves Oakland and Cleveland. Oakland, in my opinion, need a quarterback before they need AP. And Cleveland, need Joe Thomas, or a quarterback before AP. I think Cleveland is the only team that might snag AP before us.
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    Don't count out Detroit. KJ is still not walking and is not sure he will be ready by training camp. Just something to think about.
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    I thought Oakland grabbing AP at #1 was a good chance for a while. I really see them taking Calving Johnson over J.Russell but either CJ or JR should go there. I agree that Cleveland is the most likely to grap AP. We'll have to see how everyone is rated the week leading into the draft and what they do during FA. If Detroit doesn't take Joe Thomas..Clevalnd could, or they could go with one of the studs on the DLine..depending on how they rate them.

    i read recently on another post that the lions don't consider qb a priority. they very well could draft AP too. not something that has been talked about at all.

    Here is Kipers top ten currently...

    . Calvin Johnson Jr. WR Georgia Tech
    Hard worker and team oriented
    2. Joe Thomas Sr. OT Wisconsin
    Imposing lineman with great quickness.
    3. Brady Quinn Sr. QB Notre Dame
    Poised and at his best under pressure.
    4. JaMarcus Russell Jr. QB LSU
    Big, strong with a powerful arm
    5. Adrian Peterson Jr. RB Oklahoma
    Durability is a concern
    6. Jamaal Anderson Jr. DE Arkansas
    Gifted athlete and a complete player
    7. Reggie Nelson Jr. S Florida
    Can hit like a safety and cover like a CB
    8. Alan Branch Jr. DT Michigan
    A space-eater along the interior.
    9. Ted Ginn Jr. Jr. WR Ohio State
    Takes a backseat to no one in speed
    10. Gaines Adams Sr. DE Clemson

    What I'm worried about is a team trading up...say w/ minn. to grab AP if he were to fall.

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