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    We desperately need D. Davis, I know he may be done, but the last three years our strongest side of the offensive side of the ball has been the run. Kubiak was supposed to have the top notch running game with any back. This just goes to show you how underrated D.D really was, with any type of running attack we would be able to perform much better on offense. Carr cannot be blamed for this or his picks just because the lack of any type of running game. When we get one dimensional like that we will not be able to go on drives that consume clock or score, leaving our defense not rested and the team as a whole very negative almost like they know they lost before it's over.

    Next, our coaching staff seriously needs to know how to make half time adjustments, we are getting killed in the second half, if you take a lead in to half and come out completely flat there is no excuse. I would like to see some improvement but honestly have not seen anything to really be happy about, besides Demeco.

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