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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by pissknocker, Aug 28, 2012.

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    "There is nothing small about Trindon Holliday. Trindon Holliday plays big." - #Texans special teams coordinator Joe Marciano

    Yea he is making the team.

    Stephanie Stradley ‏@StephStradley

    @HoustonTexans Wade Phillips said he didn't have entire D installed until end of last yr. Been vanilla in preseason for player evaluation.

    "No doubt about it." - @JJWatt on if he'll play Week 1 vs. Miami

    "I'll be there Sept. 9, that's for sure." - @BrianCushing56 on playing Wk1 vs. Miami
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    Good to hear JJ and Cush will be back. Many of the casual fans do not understand the burden that comes off the secondary with players of that caliber wrecking havoc on the line. Will be nice to see Cody return too. Mitchell has unfortunately been sub par. Not impressed with Bradie James. He could have been brought up on rape charges for what he calls coverage. Please Recover quickly D Sharp!
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    After all the hype we had to endure about B. James during the off season, and after Demeco was let go, I definitely see why the Cowboys let him go. NOT impressed at all with his preseason performance. That said, I'll try to think positive and believe that Wade knew what he was doing with that move.
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    Bradie James has been a lateral move in place of DeMeco Ryans.

    Sort of there, but not really *there*.

    So far, the loss of Dreessen has been minimized by the play of Garrett Graham. The loss of Meco has been a wash, IMO, since James is out there and sort of providing about the same level of play, or support might be a better word. The loss of Brisiel, and to some extent Winston, however, is the most glaring drop off.

    Yeah, I know...people will say "I told you so!" but still, you expect a SB contending team to be able to absorb 2 or 3 player subtractions and find a way to mitigate the losses. Stem the bleeding. I feel we're OK at CB2, TE2, and somewhat at RT (if Newton matures as each week goes by). That leaves RG and ILB as the two spots that appear to be the most troubling right now.
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    I've seen Demeco play twice this preseason, and I hate to break it to you but he isn't the same player he once was. Pro football has a lot to do with economics and for the money he was being paid he wasn't worth it. He'll provide the Eagles some much needed leadership on defense, but understand as a player he looks a lot slower than than pre-achilles injury. I like him, but he's probably never going to be that same guy. Time to move on.
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    This biggest team luncheon news was who was NOT there. No Andre Johnson. I've been to I think just about all the team luncheons, and this is the first one where a player of AJ's stature just wasn't there. Usually the best players sit with the fat cats in the front of the room tables.

    Kubiak said AJ was getting treatment. That he was fine. That he's going to be available for the first game. What sort of treatment involves skipping a lunch about 20 minutes from the facility for a couple of hours.

    I'm not saying panic in the street. I'm just thinking that is odd. And whether there is odd stuff involving AJ, my spider sense just gets a little spider sensey.

    My thoughts in full:

    On Andre Johnson and the fine china treatment

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