Trapped's Mock Draft V 1.0 w/Analysis

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Trapped, Mar 25, 2006.

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    1. Houston Texans- Reggie Bush- simply the best player in the draft, a rare talent. Is just an "Offensive Weapon".

    2. Saints- Mario Williams - With Darren Howard gone, Super Mario fills a need and also the best value at Number 2. Saints will fall in love with him and only trade down for a lucrative offer.

    3. Titans- Matt Leinert- Norm Chow, enough said

    4. Jets-D'Brickashaw Ferguson- Fills a need and also the best player available.

    5. Packers- A.J Hawk- Who are their LB's again? BPA and fills a need

    6. 49ers- Vernon Davis- The desperately need playermakers on the offensive side of the ball, Vernon Davis is that guy. Safety blanket for ALex Smith to learn on the job.

    7. Raiders- Vince Young - Al Davis loves hype, Vince is all that.

    8. Bills- Winston Justice- Mike Williams was a bust, they experiment wit another OT.

    9. Lions- Michael Huff- Either him or Jimmy Williams, i think Huff is better prospect

    10. Cardinals- Jay Cutler- Kurt Warner is not getting any younger.

    11. Rams- Jimmy Williams- With Archuleta gone, they need secondary help, he is also a good value.

    12. Browns- Haloti Ngata- He is a steal for the browns, Crennel needs a true NT.

    13. Colts trade with Ravens- Deangelo Williams- Colts need to win NOW, even though they could of stayed put and draft Maroney, They felt Williams was a better prospect for winning NOW. With he Jets sitting at 29 and they were at 30, they were afraid Maroney would be gone.

    14. Eagles- Broderick Bunkley- They missed Corey Simon, interior lineman was a dissapointment

    15- Carolina trades with Broncos- Chad Greenway - Will Witherspoon is gone and Greenway would be the guy to fill this spot nicely.

    16. Dolphins- Tye Hill- Sam Madison is gone, they need serious secondary help.

    17. Steelers Trade with Vikings- Lendale White-With Bettis no longer there and Staley injury woes. Lendale is the thunder to Parker's Lightning.

    18. Cowboys- Ernie Sims- Dat Nguyen retired and Al Singleton not a fit for that ILB position in the 3-4.

    19. Chargers- Santonio Holmes- Have alot of possession receivers, but lack that small and quick WR.

    20. Chiefs- Tamba Hali- Simply need players on the dline.

    21. Patriots- Antonio Cromartie- Needed a CB last year, will draft a CB this year with the departure of Duane Starks.

    22. Broncos- Leonard Pope- TE's are a need in the Denver offense and they just lost Jeb Putzier.

    23. Bucs- Eric Winston- Oline was the problem for the Bucaneers last year. Winston can play that RT for them and fit in nicely

    24. Bengals- Gabe Watson- The Bengals need interior lineman help.

    25. Giants- Chad Jackson- Will fill a huge role for often injured Plaxico Burres and makes a great number 2 also as Toomer is aging.

    26. Bears- Marcedes Lewis- Despite his 40 time, this guy is a playmaker who plays at the TE position. There defense is set, they just need players on the offensive of the ball.

    27. Broncos trade wit Carolina- Mathias Kiwanuka- The pass rusher they want, the browns dline replacement played ok, insert Kiwi and they could be better.

    28. Jaguars- Marcus Mcneil- he will project to guard for them. They love the massive and athletic players.

    29. Jets- Laurence Maroney- Curtis Martin isn't getting any younger, Maroney will be a great fit.

    30. Ravens trade with Colts- Donte Whitner- Will Demps is gone Deion is gone, Whitner can play S or CB, him and Reed in the backfeild will be deadly.

    31. Seahawks- Ashton Youboty- Andre Dyson is no longer there, he will be excellent fit for them.

    32. Vikings- Bobby Carpenter- The Vikings Linebackers are nothing to brag about.

    What u guys think of my Mock? I tried to be creative with the trades, i actually wrote this at work, but without analysis. ahah
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    looks as good as any others I've seen. I think the order remains intact within the top 10, meaning no blockbuster trades involving the Texans or Saints. the Titans pick is the most interesting to me, I'm thinking that they are also very interested in Jay Cutler at QB and if they select him that means the Jets get Leinart to groom for the future. This would also mean the surprise player who falls could be D'Brickashaw Ferguson, if the 49ers don't take him then he possibly could wind up in the motor city, Detroit :wow:
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    Dec 18, 2005
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    Nice mock overall, particularly the trades. I think the Steelers move for LenDale was brilliant, and something we should have thought of before. I also think that the Raiders will look at Huff to help their secondary, but VY is a good fit for them. Good job.
  4. run-david-run

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    The University of Texas
    Yes, the LenDale pick was perfect, could see that as a great fit, dont know if the Steelers are willing to trade though, that remains to be seen. Anyway, very good mock, the only thing is that there are a lot of trades....
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    muche appreciated. have some rep points now.
  6. kastofsna

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    Tampa, FL
    i don't like miami taking tye hill. doesn't really fit the defense at all. and manny lawson has to be going in the first, in the top 20 even, and i hope miami takes him if he's there. if he's not, TRADE DOWN. losing a 2nd rounder hurt (not that i mind)
  7. threetoedpete

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    Katy, Texas
    Very nice job. Went and reviewed all of the mocks over the week end. I think you're very close. Won't nitpick....How about a second round ? Who's our 33 ?
  8. Tha rizzock

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    raider dont need a qb sorry were taking some one else

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