Trade up with Arizona? Adrian Peterson? (My mini mock, with questions)

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Toro, Jan 1, 2007.

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    Just by looking at the draft boards, there are a couple of real possibilities here.

    First off, it's well known knowledge the Cardinals have targeted an Offensive Lineman as their first round pick, and have zero need for a QB or a HB (with James signed to a big contract and Matt Leinart as their clear QB of the future/here and now).

    Looking at the teams beneath them, neither Washington nor Minnesota really sits in a position of need when it comes to the OT position.

    Furthermore, again estimating the top 4...

    Beginning with the Raiders. I know a lot of people automatically assume that they're going to go QB #1 overall and take Brady Quinn. Perhaps they do go with conventional wisdom and go with who the experts predict, however I see otherwise. Unless you've been living in a cave, you know that Randy Moss has one foot out the door and Jerry Porter is not far behind him. I cannot see EITHER returning to the Bay Area in 2007, which leaves Oakland with Ronald Curry and Doug Gabriel as their top two recievers. That's dangerous play, and not in a good way. With this being said, although the chic pick might be Quinn, I can't help but think Oakland is going to fill a major need with an offensive playmaker who is being dubbed as one of the best WR to ever hit the draft, Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson. Not only does Johsnon fill the void that is about to be left wide open with the soon to be departures/public bootings of Moss and Porter, but he gives the Raiders a much needed offensive weapon to build around.

    Moving on to the 2nd pick, the Lions are another team who have long been penciled in as the team that gets Quinn. After passing on Leinart last year, frankly I don't know if Matt Millen can afford to pass on another potential gold mine QB like Quinn, HOWEVER the Lions also have a huge hole in the secondary, and have shown a complete lack of ability to stop the pass in 2006. Michigan's Leon Hall gives them just that, a complete playmaker in the secondary who is not at all afraid to hit someone, which would immediately endeer him to Millen. Last year, the Lions passed on Leinart for Ernie Sims, who only proceded to quietly have an excellent rookie season (124 tackles) and Hall could be a second piece of that rebuilt defense that the Lions can genuinely build around.

    Pick #3 goes to the Cleveland Browns. Talk about hitting the luck of the draw.. They go in to this finding themselves with the opportunity to draft Quinn OR Adrian Peterson. Talk about a tough decision, but one Phil Savage will not ***** about having to make. With this, I think the Browns estimate what else is available at HB and take Quinn as their franchise signal caller. Hey, Romeo Crennell and Charlie Weis know eachother quite well, so the transition could be flawless for Ohio native Quinn.

    With the fourth pick, Tampa Bay clearly does not need a HB of the Future, with Caddy Williams locked down. What they do need is defense, and Gaines Adams will be a very nice addition for the Bucs.

    Which leads us to the question at hand. Obviously, Arizona has zero need for Peterson with James in tow, and Joe Thomas COULD slide to them at 8 with Washington likely to turn to help on their DL (Alan Branch) and Minnesota well set at OL.

    So, here's the question. Do the two teams have a possible match? I do logically think the Cardinals could trade down and get themselves the player they want anyhow, while the Texans could trade up, get themselves Peterson (who is a media favorite, and his selection would hopefully shut some of the critics up) without breaking a huge bank to get him.

    So what do you guys think? Is there any chance Peterson falls to five? I truly can't see him falling all the way to eight, and see someone else moving up to get him, however is there any possibility of that as well?
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    Cleveland will take Adrain Peterson. After watching the game, they need a runner in the worst of ways. No way do they pass on a back with that pick... And that is assuming that AP even comes out next year...
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    No way Peterson falls anywhere near number 8 on the draft board. In addition, there's no way Joe Thomas falls to number 8 either. If he slips past #5, some team will fall all over themselves to trade up to get him.

    As far as the Texans trading up, I don't want to see it. This team needs young talent. The only way to trade up is to trade other draft picks - usually 2nd and 3rd rounders. Those are too valuable for this team to be trading. Now that we have a competent general manager, I wouldn't mind seeing the Texans trade down and aquire extra draft picks.
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    If we were going to take a RB, why would we trade up for Peterson when we could stay put and get Lynch?
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    The thing I see is that it's not worth it to trade up with AZ. If AP falls past the Browns, which may be unlikely, than he stands to fall. After the Browns I see Cadillac, Betts and Portis, Edge, Chester Taylor. While Minn. might take AP, he's very similar to Taylor and I just don't think it would make much sense for them to pick him up. As is shown by other teams having a great RB doesn't mean you'll win. On top of that he has injury concerns. For a top three pick teams want to have a sure thing. I know he's had freak injuries, but 3 yrs. in a row, teams may not be so kind as to pick him up like that in the very top of the draft. Cleveland was another team plagued by injuries having lost their starting C in pre-season and whatnot, so previous injuries should always be a red flag. True he might never get hurt again, but nobody knows that and that's a big risk. Had he been healthy throughout his career one could make the argument he would be a lock for top 2, but as it stands Peterson isn't a lock to go anywhere yet. If he falls to us then yeah pick him up. However if he's not there there will be alot of other player's that can improve our team. Also trading up wouldn't just cost us pick's, but his salary will be higher than if we just wait.
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    While I absolutely think Calvin will be the 1st overall, I don't see there being any chance of a corner back going 2nd overall - especially not with the Lions QB situation.

    Cleveland will take either Joe Thomas or Adrian Peterson.
    Tampa Bay will take Joe Thomas if he is available, they might be willing to take Adams if he isn't.
    Arizona would take Joe Thomas #1 in the draft if they had that pick and couldn't trade to the 3-4 range.

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