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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Lifetime Oiler/Texan Fan, Mar 14, 2007.

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    Let the bashing begin. The Houston Texans need to trade up to whatever spot that is required to draft Adrian Peterson (most likely Cleveland). People might think I am crazy, but if you draft Peterson along with the great job Rick Smith is doing in FA and hopefully this years draft, we become the second best team in our division instantly. Sure Calvin Johnson or Joe Thomas would be a good pick too, but when you have an elite RB like Peterson behind you, it makes whoever your QB and OL are jobs' a lot easier. And I am not sold on Quinn or even Russell either. Our defense needs help too, but allowing your defense to sit on the sidelines for more than 4 snaps at a time will make them better without even looking at upgrading any position. Well, there it is. Any thoughts?
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    He's going to Cleveland at three. I'd rather not get fleeced for one player in a draft.

    Honestly this team has a lot of holes to fill and yeah we are adding a few players via FA but the looks of things is this team is going to be properly built through the draft. To do that you don't trade picks away. Cleveland would minimally want at least a third rounder probably a second rounder to move there. Our second round pick is reallya swing pick this year again. Would can hope a guy like Kalil, Rice, Hughes or anotehr #2 caliber CB drops to us in the second round.

    Green will be quite serviceable this year and if we upgrade our line via draft and have Spencer come back healthy we're ina lot better position then we started last year. So far the only person i've seen that might be starter material we've signed is the LB to Replace Orr possibly. Black looks more like depth and an insurance policy on Spencer. Zgonia looks like good depth rotation on the DL. I like the ability to rotate linemen in a game it keeps fresh legs at the end of the game.

    I'd also like to add in Ray Rice, Steve Slaton and of course Darren McFadden could all be available next year. I'd rather honestly have one of those three more well rounded backs.

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