Trade back scenaries depend upon...

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Please_Evolve, Jan 5, 2007.

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    who drops to us at the #8 spot really. I know i keep seeing a bunch of people wanting a trade back. I like the idea as well but it's wholly dependant on who's there and who's really willing to move up. The other matter is if a top tier guy falls in out lap do we take it or move back.

    I do however think we have one thing in favor for us far as trade back possibilites is we're in a good spot at 8 performance vs pay. IMO it's not a GREAT draft and the talent level drops off pretty well after the first 10-15 picks. Also i think the players we'd be able to target after the first 10-15 picks would be able to be plugged in well.

    I'd really also like to say.....40 times for the most part are HIGHLY overrated. I am more concerned with game speed and instincts.
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    I'd like for Reggie Nelson to have an outstanding NC game, and for us to pick him with the eight pick...
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    He'd need one helluva game for me to like him at #8, he's only my 3rd favorite S at this point.
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    a trade back scenerio means one of the upper echelon talents needs to be on the board...the question is who is upper echelon and are their even 8 of them at this point...? im in favor of a trade back to incidentally because we have so many needs and i feel like this is a weak draft at top...

    so who is a top teir talent in this draft?

    1. calvin johnson
    2. joe thomas
    3. brady quinn
    4. jemarcus russell
    5. adrian peterson
    6. gaines adams?
    7. alan branch?

    who's not on the list u feel like belongs there? would u give up an extra pick to move up 2-4 spots to get any of these guys? i think we're gonna be stuck again.

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