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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Texan_Aggie222, Jan 21, 2007.

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    Since some people are talking about possible free agent signings already, so I thought I would get a list of the top free agents from position by position and let yall discuss who we should go after and make a play for. My top players who I think we should make a play for are in red.


    P.S., this is from

    Matt Schaub, RFA, Atlanta Falcons

    Damon Huard, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs

    Tim Rattay UFA Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Jeff Garcia, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles

    Other Free Agent Quarterbacks

    Rohan Davey, RFA, Arizona Cardinals
    Shaun King, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
    John Navarre, RFA, Arizona Cardinals
    Tim Rattay, UFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Anthony Wright, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals

    Ahman Green, UFA, Green Bay Packers

    Michael Turner, RFA, San Diego Chargers

    Chris Brown, UFA, Tennessee Titans

    Correll Buckhalter, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles

    Adrian Peterson, UFA, Chicago Bears

    Other Free Agent Running Backs
    Najeh Davenport, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Nick Goings, UFA, Carolina Panthers
    Maurice Hicks, RFA, San Francisco 49ers
    Patrick Pass, UFA, New England Patriots
    B.J. Sams, RFA, Baltimore Ravens
    Marcel Shipp, UFA, Arizona Cardinals

    Drew Bennett, UFA, Tennessee Titans

    Kevin Curtis, UFA, St. Louis Rams

    Patrick Crayton, RFA, Dallas Cowboys

    Bobby Wade UFA Tennessee Titans

    TE Eric Johnson, UFA, San Francisco 49ers

    Other Free Agent Wide Receivers
    Marc Boerigter, UFA, Green Bay Packers
    David Boston, UFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Tyrone Calico, UFA, Tennessee Titans
    Andre' Davis, UFA, Buffalo Bills
    Bobby Engram, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Justin Gage, UFA, Chicago Bears
    D.J. Hackett, RFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Keenan McCardell, UFA, San Diego Chargers
    Shaun McDonald, UFA, St. Louis Rams
    Samie Parker, RFA, Kansas City Chiefs
    Jerome Pathon, UFA, Atlanta Falcons
    Willie Ponder, UFA, New York Giants
    Edell Shepherd, RFA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Travis Taylor, UFA, Minnesota Vikings
    Scottie Vines, RFA, Detroit Lions
    Peter Warrick, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Kelley Washington, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals
    Alvis Whitted, UFA, Oakland Raiders
    Ernest Wilford, RFA, Jacksonville Jaguars

    Other Free Agent Tight Ends
    Kyle Brady, UFA, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Daniel Graham, UFA, New England Patriots
    Ben Hartsock, RFA, Indianapolis Colts
    Zach Hilton, UFA, New York Jets
    Reggie Kelly, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals
    Jerramy Stevens, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Boo Williams, UFA, New York Giants

    Max Starks RFA Pittsburgh Steelers

    Leonard Davis UFA Arizona Cardinals

    Mike Gandy, UFA, Buffalo Bills

    Eric Steinbach UFA Cincinnati Bengals

    Other Free Agent Offensive Linemen
    Jordan Black, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs
    Dwayne Carswell, UFA, Denver Broncos
    Derrick Dockery, UFA, Washington Redskins
    Nat Dorsey, RFA, Cleveland Browns
    Chris Gray, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Norm Katnik, RFA, New York Jets
    Ryan Lilja, RFA, Indianapolis Colts
    Sean Locklear, RFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Roman Oben, UFA, San Diego Chargers
    Brian Rimpf, RFA, Baltimore Ravens
    Eric Steinbach, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals
    Todd Steussie, UFA, St. Louis Rams
    Floyd Womack, UFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Kris Dielman, UFA, San Diego
    Damion McIntosh, UFA, Miami Dolphins

    Dwight Freeney, UFA, Indianapolis Colts

    Jared Allen, RFA, Kansas City Chiefs

    Vonnie Holliday, UFA, Miami Dolphins

    Terdell Sands UFA Oakland Raiders

    Justin Smith, UFA, Bengals

    Other Free Agent Defensive Lineman
    Edward Jasper, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
    Chad Lavalais, RFA, Atlanta Falcons
    Cory Redding, UFA, Detroit Lions
    Hollis Thomas, UFA, New Orleans Saints
    Robaire Smith, UFA, Tennessee Titans
    Bryan Thomas, UFA, New York Jets
    Michael Myers, UFA, Denver Broncos

    Lance Briggs, UFA, Chicago Bears

    Na'il Diggs, UFA, Carolina Panthers

    Cato June, UFA, Indianapolis Colts

    Adalius Thomas, UFA, Baltimore Ravens

    London Fletcher-Baker, UFA, Buffalo Bills

    Other Free Agent Linebackers
    Chase Blackburn, ERFA, New York Giants
    Chad Brown, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers
    James Darling, UFA, Arizona Cardinals
    Randall Godfrey, UFA, San Diego Chargers
    Kawika Mitchell, UFA, Kansas City Chiefs
    Rob Morris, UFA, Indianapolis Colts

    Nate Clements, UFA, Buffalo Bills

    Asante Samuel UFA New England Patriots

    Ken Hamlin, UFA, Seattle Seahawks

    Other Free Agent Cornerbacks
    Roc Alexander, RFA, Denver Broncos
    Jordan Babineaux, RFA, Seattle Seahawks
    Jason David, RFA, Indianapolis Colts
    Randall Gay, RFA, New England Patriots
    Nick Harper, UFA, Indianapolis Colts
    David Macklin, UFA, Arizona Cardinals

    Other Free Agent Safety
    Tyrone Carter, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Deon Grant, UFA, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Michael Lewis, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
    Donnie Nickey, UFA, Tennessee Titans
    Tony Parrish, UFA, Dallas Cowboys
    Ernest Shazor, ERFA, Arizona Cardinals
    B.J. Ward, RFA, Baltimore Ravens
    Gibril Wilson, RFA, New York Giants
    Michael Lewis, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles
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    In my mind.

    that was like going to a garage sale without having to leave my house.

    Look there's a Todd Steussie! Totally vintage dude.
  3. FireBlizzard90

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    May 20, 2006
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    it would be a dream to get briggs. samuels, who played well today against the colts, would a dream also.
  4. Scooter

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    the guy i target first on that list is eric steinbach. solid player, still young, and could arguably beat out our starters at every position on the line. nomatter what we decide to do at qb or runningback, our offensive line is still shaky and needs to be focused on first IMO.

    after that i focus defense. samual & clement being major targets, followed by linebackers (briggs & diggs), and then the d-linemen (redding & allen). i know it's possible we wont land any big name, but i'd really throw buckets of money at steinbach and try to pull in one of the defensive players i mentioned afterwards.
  5. gtexan02

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    The North
    Some amazing defensive players coming out this year. Expect most of them to be resigned, but if we could lure one of those LBs away...
  6. 12Gage

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    South Texas
    I agree, if we can get one of the top LBs or CBs, things will be looking up for sure.
  7. Please_Evolve

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    Feb 13, 2006
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    I don't think we'll land Samuels and Clemens after the kind of bidding war we'll see for them both.

    Briggs will get resigned by the bears. I think we'd have a good shot at Diggs and Adalius Thomas.

    Everyone can forget about Turner he's a restricted free agent and i am sure San Diego will tender him high. I'd rather draft one honestly.

    I don't see why we'd need another widereceiver.

    I do hope we make a good run at Steinbach though and perhaps Jordan Black. No thanks to Leonard Davis. REALLY need to further address the line this offseason. This should be the front office's prioirity.

    Another tight end? See wide receiver.

    I'd be happy if we landed Cory Redding or Terdell Sands. I really liked what Philly was trying this year in rotating an entire dline in and out.

    Micheal Lewis i'd be good with coming here...and i didn't know Nick Harper would be avilable... wouldn't mind landing him either. Second priority should be shoring up the secondary.
  8. 2BCF

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    Jan 4, 2007
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    Schaub baby!:whoohoo:
  9. gtexan02

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    The North
    Why exactly? I just don't see the attraction to picking up people like Turner or Schaub who will have huge tenders attached to them. We'd probably have to give up at leaast a 1st, maybe a 1st and 3rd for Shaub. The new Falcons regime wants 1 year to evaluate Vick, so expect them to keep a guy in the on deck circle if Vick doesn't pan out.
  10. cred

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    Ft. Benning, Ga
    crazy thought, but what about trading back in to the first a couple of times to acquire a couple of seconds or thirds and then go after Schaub and still have a few seconds or thirds. to still draft with. I know this sounds a lot like Madden, but what are the chances.

  11. TexanAddict

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    I'm going to kinda repeat what I've said in a couple other threads as far as the FAs I think we should target:

    - Lance Briggs, LB CHI - if he isn't re-signed by da Bears he would be a perfect compliment to Ryans on the strong side and would be a huge upgrade over Orr. I also think he will be more financially friendly to sign than Adalius Thomas.

    - Ken Hamlin, FS SEA - I'm pretty sure he will be re-signed by Seattle, but if he's not we should pursue him very strongly. A player of his caliber would greatly strengthen our currently weak secondary, and since he is fairly young would be an important piece of our defense for years. Another option here might be Deon Grant, JAK, who would still be an upgrade over Brown.

    - Cory Redding, DT DET - had a very productive year at the tackle spot, could work well in a rotation with TJ and Maddox. Might not break the bank if he's looking to play closer to home and escape Detroit. A DE like Justin Smith might also be a nice addition, which would require Weaver to probably move inside.

    - Decent free agents on the offensive side of the ball are looking pretty sparse, although help on the offensive line is always in order. I wouldn't spend too much on a FA OT, however since the crop of OTs set to enter next years draft looks to be very deep.
  12. aj.

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    Just an fyi- some of you might want to consider cap space and the number of guys under contract for '07 before getting all lollipop eyed.
  13. TexanAddict

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    Mar 9, 2005
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    I'm not so naive as to think that all the FAs I listed as targets would all be able to be signed given our salary cap situation. However, I believe that signing just one of the players I mentioned would strengthen our defense and give us more flexibility in the draft. I do not believe the Texans have a shot at either Clements or Samuel because of their price alone, but a LB or FS would be easier to fit under the cap.
  14. TheOgre

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Back in the cellar again
    Personally I'd like us to sit back the first week of FA and let the Washington's of the world overpay for talent. Then we can sign 2-3 guys that slide through the cracks. That gives us more flexibility come draft day.
  15. srstex

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    Apr 14, 2006
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    I think the best pick up would be Alex Gibbs - Oline coach, that way no matter who else we Draft/FA/Trade for we get the coaching the line needs.
  16. Mr teX

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    Sep 20, 2006
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    Everyone Wants The Throne
    After Samuels has played in this postseason, you can forget about him period.
  17. threetoedpete

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    May 26, 2004
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    Katy, Texas
    Agreed. Gonna cost you a couple of picks for these guys. And they are going to want to get paid well. The board will be loaded with high end guys which fill needs on this club in the '08 draft. Some of those wounds have been festering since the first expantion draft. We need to collect picks for next year. Not give picks away. This is Tony Hollings stuff. I'll pass.
  18. humbleone

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    Jun 30, 2005
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    The above list should also include FS Hamlin, UFA, Seattle, 6'2" 215 25 yrs old from Arkansas. Heck of a player and a major upgrade over CC Brown.
  19. Blake

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Nate Clements, UFA, Buffalo Bills - Should be #1 on everyone's wishlist. This guy is a hammer.
  20. TexansTrueFan

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    Huntsville Tx
    We have A.J and Moulds, at reciever both very good, we need to find a reliable 3rd reciever, WHY did we let Gaffney go, he made some good plays for the pats, he was a guy we shoulda kept IMO. We also need one more dominating Dl guy, to go along with williams. D.F would be a good pick up, though i dont see us geeting him because he'll cost so much.

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