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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Grams, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I am a fan and have been one since day one. Like most of your fans I have been patient waiting for the right combination of players and coaches and depth players to make you a competitive team.

    You got us all excited in the offseason with the phrases "It's time for someone else to win the AFC South" and "our goal is the playoffs".

    You guys certainly started the year of right with the win over the Colts in game one. We saw fire and determination in the players. Game two was similar with the never say die attitude and the OT win. This sure did not look like the same old Texans of the previous years.

    Then came game 3. It sure looked like you guys forgot to get on the plane home from DC. Looked like a bunch of replacement players out there. This was a game that to most of your fans was a big game. We have had the Cowboys shoved down out throats for a long time and we wanted you to show the world that there was another, just as good if not better team in Texas. Where were you guys for that game? Surely not on the field. Did you think you had a bye that week? Looked like from the effort you guys put into that game.

    Did you guys think you had another bye when the Giants came? Not to mention the Colts game.

    You guys had 2 weeks to prepare for a team that was beaten and abused and hurt and playing with one hand tied behind it's back. You guys came out and looked lost. No one looked like they knew what they were doing. A junior high school jr vasity could have looked as good as you guys did.

    It is not the losses. It is the way you lost. There is no effort, no heart, no drive, no desire to play hard. It is like you guys have been paid so why bother playing hard to win as you get paid the same either way. I would rather see you lose by going down fighting instead of just rolling over and playing dead as you usually do.

    I will remain a fan, but only one who will put as much effort into being a fan as you guys put into playing competitive football on a consistant basis. I will get as excited to cheer for you guys as you guys are excited to play.

    You guys need to start playing some smash mouth, hit them hard football or there will be no one left to complain about all the Cowboy crap being sold in Houston because no one will care if they find Texan gear or not.


    A soft, laid-back, un-inspired, un-prepared, bored fan
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    Agreed 100%. It still bothers me that the Cowboy game to them was just "another out of conference game". They just don't get it with all of the "well, I am not from Texas so the Cowboys mean nothing to me" crap. Dude, you play in Texas, where is your freakin pride??

    To me this organization refuses to really connect with the city or the fans. I remember that interview with Carl Mauck and the story he told of how the old Oilers hated the Cowboys because of all of the support Dallas were getting in Houston. He said the entire team took that personal and couldn't wait to kick their a**es, and often they did (I will never forgot Thanksgiving Day 1979).

    The Texans refuse to have anything to do with the history in Houston or truly "get" the fans. Earl Campbell said he doesn't recognize the Tennessee Titans and sadly it seems the Houston Texans don't recognize him. Screw Bud Adams, Campbell and company were HOUSTON's heroes and they should be acknowledged by the NFL team that plays in HOUSTON. If the Ravens can honor the old Baltimore Colts players the Texans can do the same with the old Oilers.

    BTW, in Earl Campell's Restaurant at the Austin Airport he has a Texans schedule on the outside window as you walk in. There is no mention of the Cowboys or Titans in that place. Just the old Oilers and the Texans.

    Note to Bob McNair and the Texans ... Connect with your fans dammit! Build into your organization and it's players some pride to be playing in the city of Houston.
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    That would be a nice letter to get about 100K signatures on, and send it to McNair.
  4. Hardcore Texan

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    Word. And repped.
  5. drewmar74

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    I'd be happy to sign it. I'm sure my wife and son would, too.
  6. 2slik4u

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    Ill tell you what fellas, over the past years you could put me into the "sunshine-kubiak supporter-eternal optimist club". Even before Monday night was I thinking "what the hell is everyone crying about? We are 4-2!". It wasnt until about midway thru the third quarter did my whole outlook on things change dramatically.

    I now classify myself as just another (I say this tongue-n-cheek because there are so many other board members that have already been at this point in their fandom) pissed off, o'nry pessimistic Texan fan that is almost certain that our season is doomed from this point on.

    Im not sure why our defensive players are struggling and looking like they have taken three steps back from last year. Im not sure why our league leading passer from 2009 has looked like a run of the mill QB. And Im not sure why our coach has finally crossed that imaginary line in my head of me finally giving up on him......but unfortunately I have.

    The sad part is, the only two bright spots that were drastic improvements from last year are our running game and kicking game.

    I say thank you to Arian Foster and Neil Rackers for making those games that we won so enjoyable to watch.

    I truly believe that there is no way we can beat the chargers, titans (now with moss, guh), baltimore, Jets, or Philly. I am now second guessing the fact that we can even beat Jax after the shalacking they gave Dallas.

    It truly sucks to be in this spot but every fan has their breaking point and mine was the Colts game.

    Who knows, if Houston comes out with guns blazing and beats SD, I very well may be headed back to the "sunshine club".

    As of right now I am going to take some frustration out on the animal kingdom this weekend and take solace in the fact that I can control their destiny because no matter how much time and effort I put into the Texans.....theres nothing I can do to make them better.

    Just an armchair quarterback with a dead eye aim.
  7. Texas T

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    Grams, Hookem, 2lik and everyone else who reads and reps.
    I wholeheartedly agree with everything put down here.
    I will happily sign anything to this effect.
    Maybe we should get all the team members e-mails and send them a link to this board!!

    I've found another Texans fan up here and we both sit around watching the games and hanging our head together. At least I'm not alone as I have been for the last four years...
  8. thunderkyss

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    To me, I expected this team to come out with an every game is important attitude. Just another game doesn't fit the attitude I thought this team was going to come out with.

    We've been in the cellar for 8 years. They know it. Many of them have been here, in the cellar, for 4 years. Most of them at least 3 years.

    Every game should be their Super Bowl.

    Every game. Their shouldn't be a "just another game mentality."
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