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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by drs23, Apr 10, 2012.

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    ...more knowledgeable than myself I wanna know how feasible/probable it will be to find a willing trade partner this late in the first @ #26?

    With my very limited understanding about points value and all else that goes into it how much would another team really have to gain by giving up whatever it takes to make the move. Seems as though the norm is their 2nd & 3rd. Is that in the ball park?

    If so what teams/needs do you guys think would pull the trigger?
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    The old points system is pretty much done for as high draft picks don't have that potential to cripple your salary cap if they are terrible. So high draft picks are worth even more than they used to be. As far as trading out of the 26th? Well we're at least looking at getting our first overall pick no earlier than the second round, and as far as a 3rd coming into it, it completely depends on how high the second rounder is. If it's the 34th pick, we're not going to come up with their third rounder for this year, more likely a fourth. The lower the pick the better of a chance of getting that second rounder, not sure what the highest pick we could get in the 2nd and still snag a 3rd for this year.
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    Not bring up bad blood/old news, but see the Jason Babin trade in terms of current year picks.

    The other option is a 2013 1st for the pick...see NE to the Saints for Mark Ingram.
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    23, I did want a trade down a few weeks ago but the more I research waht we could get (in picks and in turn in players) I am not so anxious. I really like who we can get keeping our picks. My mock partners (RMartin65 & Beerlover) & I are completing our next joint mock as well as individual ones. Each day brings new info on players and why talking heads on ESPN, NBC ,, radio and bloggers keep changing players.

    The hardest thing for most of us is to identify what positional needs are resolved by what players and then decide what round we can get that player. For example do you take OG Kevin Zeitler a ten year starter in 2nd or Phillip Blake a ten year starter who can also replace Myers after a year or RG this season at 4a. Blake definitely not the RG Zeitler is but can play both and allow you to draft another position in 2nd like WR Quick.
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    There was murder on everyone's mind when that happened. Not only did we trade up, but we traded with the enemy. I, for one, was not happy.

    Neg rep for bringing that up, AT. j/k ;)
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    The amount of a trade depends completely on how far down you move. There could be a situation where the trade is down one slot, to #27, if there is competition between teams for a certain player, and the #27 team wanted to be sure they got him instead of someone else. In that case, you probably get a low-round (6th or so, I'd guess) pick. The farther down you trade, the more you get. To get both a 2nd and 3rd, I think you'd be looking at teams in the middle to early-middle of the round (say, around slots 8-18 in the round).

    The idea I've seen several people comment on (Arlington referenced it earlier) of giving up our 1st to get a 1st next year would probably also net us some mid-round pick also (e.g. a 3rd or 4th this year); there's no way they'd trade our 1st this year for just a 1st next year. All those future trades might also factor in a bit of where you expect the trading partner to end up. If it is a team you expect to be a super-bowl condender, that next year's 1st looks a lot worse than if it is a team you expect to fight to avoid the cellar.

    As for who might trade, I am of the opinion that you never can really predict. It depends on who is falling, how each team has players ranked, how each team expects other teams to behave, etc. There's a case to be made for almost any team trading up in the right circumstances.
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    I could see St. Louis using some of there extra picks they got from Washington to move back into the last part of the first if they have a player on there radar, that being said I think if we swapped with them our 1st for their 2nd the best we could hope for is a 3rd this yr maybe a second next yr max not both one or the other.

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    I don't know how anyone could complain about the Babin trade, now or when it happened. After all, that brain trust was made up of professionals just like the current one. As Mr. McNair has stated:


    This post was sarcastic in nature. It is intended to point out that NFL front offices, even that of the Houston Texans, are capable of making mistakes that lowly fans may correctly identify as bad decisions.
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    I would be in favor of trading out, for next years 1st with lesser team & swapping this years 2nds. Talent is deepest in positions of need for Texans this year & next who knows with keeping/losing our own free agents to be? Might be a nice luxury to have a couple #1's.... :)

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