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    Oct 29, 2006
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    I woke up this morning pretty tired and realize that I am just tired of the disappointment.

    I don't know why it is so disappointing. I should have known that the Texans are 0 for the history of the organization on "turn the corner" games. I dont know how I let myself believe that we would win this game, when nothing this team has done in the past would indicate that we would win this game.

    I don't know why I allowed myself to think the defense would take a step forward this week. There is no way we could be in the third week of the season and not be able to contain the big play...the same big play we have seen busted in each pre-season and regular season game. I figured that the coaching staff would get it worked out with the players or start to figure out that coverage just wasn't working. You can't spot another NFL team one or two easy touchdowns a week and expect to be competitive.

    Maybe I was disappointed with the fumble on the goal line. You can't peg this on Chris Brown alone...and chances are the Jags woud have scored on the next possession. Maybe it is just the way we lost....your down, your up and you are way down again.

    I am out of town next week, so I am going to miss the game. In place of watching the game, I am just going to have my wife get me worked up and just when things are getting good, step back and kick me in the nuts. At least I will save three hours...
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    If you can go into each game with the mindset that we will lose, no matter the opponent, you will end the day alot happier.

    I am tired as well. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars drivin my happy ass down to Houston from San Antonio for the weekend, to see that product.
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    I agree. I'm just about fed up with this BS. I wish there was a way to voice our displeasure to someone in the organization that would actually listen and forward the info to the people that matter. I'm sick of this ****!!

    That's exactly how I feel just about every f---in weekend. I've got better things to do than sit through this crap.

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