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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by whiskeyrbl, Nov 28, 2006.

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    For the first time in 5 years I have no interest in watching the Texans this coming Sunday. The funny thing is this is a game that they should win. But so were a couple of others that they found ways to lose. I am growing very tired of watching what seems to be a replay of the previous week over and over. I knew we were going to struggle but c'mon this is past the point of ridiculous. I heard Carr on the radio yesterday talking about the teams using a cover 2 making it hard to run. It's not a new defense and I know teams have had success against it, so what is our problem? Where is the problem? What is the problem? Who is the problem? These are questions that I as a fan NEED answered. I am by no means saying I will not back the Texans, I am a season ticket holder, but I desperately need answers today not next year. Last Sunday was my boiling point after we scored to make it 27-11. Our D held and we got the ball back with 3:42 on the clock IIRC,the lackluster approach of getting to the line, the poor use of the clock pissed me off. Hey they may not have won but thats not the point, the point is they were making a half azz effort to score. 3 times I was yelling at the Tv for Carr to get to the line and spike the F'ing ball. But what do they do throw the ball on the hashes and the receiver cuts up field( NOT OUT OF BOUNDS) and then here comes th Offense wasting 25-30 seconds to run another play. I think they finally spiked the ball with 41 seconds left. Plain f'ing stupid management of a game.HUUUUUUUGH, I feel a lil' bit better getting that off my chest. But can someone with a lil' insight tell me WTF is going on?
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    AHHHH, Better not let Hervoyel get a hold of this thread...lol...But i do feel your frustrations, like the rest of us...
  3. Carr over the last few weeks has not been overly great. Our offense in general has just been pretty bland. What happend to the rollouts? You can burn a cover 2 by loading up one side of the field with receivers and motion. I don't get why we don't do this more. Our TE is fast enough to beat linebackers, why are our plays not designed to utilize this more? Where the heck did our running game go?
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    There are fundamental problems with this team, without a doubt. And that is the frustrating part of watching the Texans flounder around the past five seasons. The clear lack of progressive improvement is mind-numbing.

    We see the same garbage over and over, like a really bad version of Texans Groundhog Day. Carr still has the same troubling tendencies, our offensive line still stinks after five years, our running game is inconsistently pathetic, we hardly ever put pressure on opposing QBs, our D makes even mediocre QBs look like the second coming of Joe Cool, and it goes on and on and on.

    By no means will I give up on this team, but I do get tired of giving a crap when the product fails in every way conceivable. One week we look 'any given Sunday' and like we can compete. But this is erased the next week with play that makes the first year expansion team look solid in comparison.

    What really sucks is that the Texans are clearly developing a loser mentality, capable of taking good players and coaches and sucking them into the vortex and sapping them of any and all potential. It is frustrating to watch and root for, but I guess I'm a masochist that way.
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    Yep comedy is not pretty. I feel your pain.

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