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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Fox, Oct 31, 2011.

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    - I was a little surprised by our defensive gameplan. After watching the Ravens give Gabbert happy feet all day and how horribly he handled it, I expected us to come after him all day long. Instead, we spent most of the day it seemed rushing four and making him beat our coverage. Granted, the Jags are probably the worst passing offense in the NFL, but our secondary really dominated the game defensively... can't remember the last time I've been able to say that about the Texans' DB's. Now, maybe Wade just thought it would only take 4 to beat the Jags patch work line... which leads me to -->

    - ... Where was our pass rush? Even when we did send a blitz I felt like Gabbert had ample time to throw the ball. A. Smith provided some pressures, Reed obviously had a sack, and Barwin had some pressures, but overall I expected more out of our front seven going against the Jags o-line. It speaks to how well our back end held up that Gabbert more often than not would have to run for it or throw it out of bounds after being given plenty of time to look down field.

    - Schaub played poorly. He started out great and then his play really tailed off. He missed some open routes down field that would have turned this game into a blowout. His TD toss to Dreessen could have just as easily been a game-changing INT at the goal line by Lowery (or was it Landry?). His nail-in-the coffin, drive-extending pass to OD was one of many shoe lace catches our TE's had to make yesterday. He made enough plays to win the game, but he left so many out there, I can't help but feel lucky we came out with the W.

    - Did Sessions have our snap count or what? Seemed like he was in our backfield the moment the ball was snapped several times in the first half, took Schaub til the second half to change the count and draw him off-sides.

    - Cushing is a beast. He needs to be the first-ballot pro-bowl MLB this year, and has assumed Demeco's role as defensive team leader. That is all.

    - Did Casey play? I know he did, but I couldn't really tell, hopefully as he gets healthy we're able to create mismatches with him like we have done earlier in the year.

    - Despite all the critics, Jason Allen and Kareem are getting the job done. Not saying it would be a bad thing to have a defensive backfield like the Eagles, but the lack of super stars on paper isn't making for problems on the field. A combo of Kareem/Jason Allen, McCain at nickel, and now Troy at safety is part of our 5th rated pass defense. Props where props are due.

    - Cody and Earl are quietly getting the job done at NT. Remember all those threads about how our defensive front was going to get blown up in the run game because of the lack of a 300+ pound space eater, and Cody and Earl were going to make JAG stand ins? Our rush D is 6th in the league, and our pass D is 5th. They're doing fine. Not saying it would hurt to have Haloti Ngata in there, but it's hardly the weakness it was made out to be at the start of the season. Sure, Wade's scheme is compensating, but it's not like that compensation is causing problems else where (see pass D, 5th overall). Props to our undersized DT's for coming to play.

    - Ben Tate is a beast, and a great change of pace back for our offense, but his fumblitis is troubling. A) Kubiak limits his snaps after a fumble, and B) it almost let the Jags get back in it yesterday. If he can get it fixed, he's a major weapon for this offense.

    - BTW Gabbert reminds me a bit of HWSNBN. Looks like tarzan, plays like jane. Likes to dink-and-dunk but is not terribly accurate, gets happy feet with any pressure. Could be wrong, but I think it bodes well for us over the next few years against the Jags until they draft or sign a new QB, IMO.
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    Our pass rush is on IR.

    It has not been near the same since MW was Ir'd.
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    Umm havent finished watchin it for the 2nd time

    Short answer our O played average and out D played lights out

    Sharpton got hurt and our IR list is getting bigger srsy ima go look at other teams IR list right now and i think the texans have at list 10+ on the list already

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