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    Overall, this was the most dominant performance by a Texans team that I have ever seen. What made this performance more impressive was that we did it on the road against a quality opponent. I am excited that this team is 2-0 to start the season, but I am more impressed the WAY we have won these games by overcomig early adversity on the field and then slowly taking control over the game.

    QB: I have tried to contain my enthusiasm through the pre-season and then again after the KC game. Schaub was solid today, if not spectacular. Two TDs today, with over 200 yards passing - and remember, after the first half we completely shut the offense down and were more focused on ball control and running the clock than moving the ball. Schaub really controls this offense well and makes great decisions to throw away the ball and live to fight another day, as opposed to taking a sack or turning over the ball.

    In his second start, he was far from perfect. He got away with a bad throw that should have been intercepted and missed a pass or two that could have been made. He is going to get better, but I think his performances so far this season is gaining the respect of all of his teammates. I guess you need to see a couple of more games, but if these type performances continue, this move was worth two second round picks.

    OL: Please correct me if I am wrong, but I did not see a sack today. Again, this is not the best offensive line in the NFL, but it is far from the worst. Schaubs play avoided at least two, maybe three sacks last year, but for the most part we had enough time to throw when we wanted to throw and ran the ball effectively...even when the defense knew we were going to run.

    I am especially proud of this unit in today's game. When Carr was picked up by Carolina, he really threw this group under the bus. We had the same five guys out there today, and they looked much better than the "solid" offensive line that we was so happy to have the opportunity to play behind.

    RB: I thought Green had a sold game today. His numbers weren't spectacular, but after the touchdown by the special teams, Dayne played the majority of the second half to grind it out. I like letting Dayne taking the grunt of the snaps with the game in hand. We can't knock Dayne's numbers, when he is in the game to run the clock.

    WR: In the first two games, Andre along with the TEs are all we need. I haven't seen Kevin Walter on the field at all (other than on special teams) and think that it is just a matter of time befor Jacoby will make some noise on the field. Again, after the TD early in the second half, we just weren't going to throw the ball much.

    TE: I never have much to say about our TEs but they are solid. There were a couple of balls caught today that were incredible. It seems like every time we NEED a first down, one of these guys is making the catch.

    DL: I don't know enough about x's and o's, but from my perspective our defensive line is getting pretty good pressure on the QB without many blitzes. This group has been, and continues to be, pretty darn good against the run, but they are applyig the type of pressure that we have been waiting to see for the past couple of years. Amobi was a difference maker today, clogging up the middle, getting penetration with two sacks and knocking balls down at the line of scrimmage. Mario didn't put up the same numbers today, but I feel like he is consistently getting a good push and the attention he is getting is helping the unit overall.

    LBs: I think this unit is playing extremely well. With the exception of one ugly play, I feel that after first contact is made at the DL or the secondary, these guys are coming off the finish the play with some hard hits and solid tackling. I saw Ryans in on a lot of plays today.

    Secondary: I think this group as a whole looks as good as we could have hoped at the beginning of the season. Robinson looks like a pro-bowl corner and should be on put on the best receiver for the opposing team for the rest of the season. Faggins looks horrible one some plays, but for the most part seems to hold his own. If one of the two safeties we have picked up can upgrade one or both of the safety positions, this defense could be scary.

    Special Teams: I think Turk had the best individual performance of any player on the team. You make it really hard on an offense when you can pin the ball in the five yard line consistently. In a close game, I feel really good about winnin the field position battle with this guy. Brown had a solid outing and the unit scored a touchdown. Teams took notice of our return game based on pre-season performance, but I still look for some more opportunities later this season.

    I am not going to predict what our record is going to be or make any bold predictions about the playoffs, I am just going to enjoy a second solid performance and solid win by our team. I am going to enjoy the first 2-0 record and the first 4 game win streak. I am going to enjoy knowing that we have a really young team that is getting better with every snap. I am going to enjoy knowing that this team is much improved from last year, all the while eating up dead money to fix the mistakes of the past regime.

    Houston, we have a football team.

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