This is on Kubiak now.

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Mean Machine, Oct 28, 2007.

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    When the wheels were falling off in the 1st half, Kubiak needed to call a timeout, gather the entire team around him, and chew their butts out.

    The lack of preparation, this is showing up in the horrid play calling, the personnel and the lack of fire on this team, this is on Gary Kubiak.

    I have had the faith, given him the benefit of the doubt, but we are now 24 games into his regime, and it has turned from promising to absolutely pathetic.

    Bad clock management is one of the so many areas...the Ahman Green disaster, the Mario Williams pick, the play calling, the lack of intensity, putting Schaubie in there when he's not healthy, this is all on the head coach.

    He needs to cut some of these guys who are not stepping up, and Ron Dayne Flanagan, Weaver, Greenwood, Faggins!, unbelieveable...
    I have just had it.

    ENOUGH of mediocrity and malaise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm mad as HELL and I'm not going to take it anymore.
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    I agree that this is on Kubiak, but I don't agree that there is a player personnel problem. Right now, I think the Texans have the same number of holes as any other team in the league. They have a ton of talent in the front 4, and the receivers are working really hard.

    Kubiak is the one who gave up on the game before the first half ended. Where is the no-huddle when you are down by that much? It's not like there wasn't VERY recent precedent, as Sage almost pulled off a huge 4th quarter comeback just 7 days ago. I felt like I was watching a pre-season game where Kubiak was auditioning running backs.

    There is a philosophy problem with this team. I don't often agree with Richard Justice and his shock-oriented oversimplifications, but if Kubiak is going to be stubborn about his offensive philosophy, then he just needs to go.

    A coach game-plans to best suit the players he has and the players he's up against. I'm tired of him trying to define the team regardless of the personnel. I'm tired of him trying to run the ball when the team is down 32 points. It's just ridiculous.

    I am so tired of this team. I want to go back to being the casual NFL fan that I was from 1994 to 2001. It's easier.
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    Just about sums up the way I feel.

    I actually find myself watching other games on Sunday Ticket, and I am actually finding that I am becoming a fan of the game again...instead of getting wrapped up in the Texans who keep ruining it for me.

    Bud Adams was a doofus, but you have to admit that somehow he has put together a better team (on average) than money-bags McNair could even begin to dream of putting together.

    The Oilers were fairly dominant for the latter part of their stay in Houston, then there was a brief lag when Steve McNair was sat for his 1st 3 years, but then they had the playoff runs and SB appearance, and now they are seemingly clawing their way back with an attitude of winning however they can win. It's just "happening" for them.

    And then there's our team: Great-looking jerseys, nice promotional plan, and squeaky clean image.

    For all of Bud Adams' goofiness...the clown has gotten it right much more than he's gotten wrong, IMO.

    LOL. Listen to me...I sound like the Israelites in the desert, griping out Moses: "Why did you drag us away from Egypt, just so we could die in the desert..."

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