This draft may turn out to be our best yet

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TheRealJoker, Apr 27, 2009.

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    I know, a lot of people are thinking, "That's a ridiculous thought! This draft wont touch 06!" But I dont think I need to remind some of you what you were saying about our draft in 06 the day after.

    There are some similarities between the way people received this draft initially and the way the 06 haul was received. In 06 we didn't make any "sexy picks", but we did grab some solid football players with a track record of success from top to bottom. Just like we did with this, the 09 draft class.

    Brian Cushing, Connor Barwin, and Antoine Caldwell were all team leaders who started throughout their college career. Barwin just may turn out to be the best of the 3 because of all the untapped potential on the defensive side of the ball. Cushing and Caldwell look to be fixtures on our starting roster for the next 8-10 years though, even if they turn out to be just solid starters that is something we sorely need on this team and those are the types of players you need to be contenders year in and year out.

    Glover, Mccain, and Nolan all appear to have talent. Glover and Nolan look like ballhawks and Mccain has speed to burn. David Gibbs has a track record for developing young DBs, he did a good job in KC last year with a couple rookies in the secondary despite a nonexistant pass rush. I think he'll be able to make at least one of these guys into a player with our improved pass rush in 09.

    Hill and Casey are definately upgrades to our team. Hill will be a fixture in the redzone, especially in goal line situations and should help us get some push. More importantly, I think that he'll be a major help if one of our tackles are getting abused by an opposing DE/OLB, we now have the option to bring him in for 2 TE sets and have him help out the OT to give Schaub more time to throw. Casey can do pretty much anything and is just way too good a football player to keep off the field imo. Kyle Shanahan is gonna have a field day figuring out creative ways to include him in our gameplans week in and week out. By midseason i'd imagine baby Shanny is gonna be one of the hottest names on the coaching circuit thanks in no small part to what Casey allows him to do. One thing is for sure, Owen Daniels wont be able to make any outrageous contract demands (Kellen Winslow numbers) after these two guys get some playing time.

    All in all, despite what some are saying right now I think that 3 years down the road we'll be talking about the 09 draft as our best draft class yet!!!
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    I'm international
    IMHO, we had a really good draft. I questioned the TE picks, but I can live with them. Smithiak is pretty good at playing things close to the vest and I can't wait to see what they come up with on double TE sets. I think the D could be a MONSTER this year. I see 45-55 sacks if we stay aggressive and the secondary covers OK. Mark it down. Thde Texans are a playoff team this year and I/m putting $1,000.00 on the SB.
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    I think Cushing and Barwin will become pro bowlers within 3 years. Casey has potential to be, depending on how much he is used.
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    I´m thinking Antoine Caldwell will make an immediate impact, and will be starting center against 3-4´s. Odd but great draft.
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    Potentially 15 for Mario, 5-6 for Smith, 6-8 for Amobi (really got my fingers crossed on this one), 0 for TJ, 5 for Barwin, 3-4 for Bulman, 3-4 for Cushing. Maybe a few more from the rest of the linebackers. That's about 40 to 45. Am I missing anyone?

    Pick these numbers apart and let me know what y'all think. Are my estimates too high?
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    Don't count out one or two members of the secondary on a corner or safety blitz. Last year Barber had 1.

    Demeco had 1. Earl Cochran had 2.

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