There is no excuse for tonights loss.

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Endcoachment, Dec 23, 2011.

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    All in all, a 10-4 team should not be losing to a team that could barely muster a win this late in the season. I'm so sick and tired of this team crushing not only my expectations but a lot of other peoples as well. There are dying children in TCH that want nothing but to see the Texans win, and they lose a very winable game to the colts. Gary this one is on you as well as the team. I can count on my fingers AND toes how many conservative play calls I saw out there. This isn't even the same team that won on the road at Cinci.

    Wade not being there is no excuse as well. We only mustered 13 bogus points with less than a 4 yd per pass completion. Plan and simple Gary came out with the same game plan from the first meeting against the Colts and failed horribly. Im no head coach but even i know the Texans are going to run the ball. Hell id rather TJ try to throw more and get an interception than lose the way we did with our D looking so *******ing winded.

    BTW, go watch how red brooks reed was between snaps. WTH is going on in practice? Are these guys taking it easy or something. The D looked flat...regardless of how well we did on some plays.

    ARIAN friggin FOSTER. It looks like this kid is going to go the route of Steve Slaton. He VOWED to not drop the ball again for the rest of the season. And what did he do? You would think he would work on protecting the ball in practice right? Wrong. That makes at least 5 fumbles in the last 3 to 4 games.

    We can't blame the officials. A good team like this doesn't lose to a team like the Colts. Period. We can blow JAX out with their stout defense but cant put up more that 13 with the colts???

    I haven't lost my faith in the texans but it has taken a serious blow today. This is inexcusable, and right now, i would not be surprised if the texans lost in the first round. And dare i say it...they don't deserve that pep rally thrown a few weeks ago.

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