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    Basically pick who you think will be the leaders in each division in 2-3 years. After around 50 votes we'll divy up and pick the winners. Add comments if you want. You don't have to, need some votes though

    Use this format, it'll be easier to tally up votes if the positions are all the same:

    AFC North:

    AFC East:

    AFC West:

    AFC South:

    NFC North:

    NFC East:

    NFC West:

    NFC South:

    I'll start off.
    AFC North: Steelers
    I think Pittsburgh stays at the top here, most of their top level talent is still young, which is a huge plus. Cinci has a chance if Rudi Johnson stays healthy and their OL improves ... and by some miracle their defense learns to tackle. I'd say the Browns take second place after drafting some defense next year and a RB after that. Baltimores only star by this point is Ray Rice ... which is saying something.

    AFC East: Bills
    Its hard to pick against the patriots, ok not that hard, The Bills impressed me with their game against Pitt, sure its preseason but the Steelers still blitz a ton during preseason. I think Trent Edwards continues to improve, then you got Lynch and I bet Hardy becomes well known in 2-3 years. Their defense is pretty good, but needs some experience.

    AFC West: Chargers
    This one was pretty hard for me. I think the Chiefs will regulate to the bottom of the division, and by this time the Broncos will be struggling to pick up the 2nd place in the division (they need some seriously good drafts in the next 2 years). The young talent in Oakland makes a splash this year for them and might help them in the free agency market, unfortunately the Chargers won't start to decline till about 3 years from now, so the year after that I have the Raiders taking the top. I know, its wierd actually saying that ...

    AFC South: Texans
    No need to comment :fans:

    NFC North: Vikings
    This team is scary, they are already considered the top of their division and yet their top talents are all so young. Expect top FAs who are serious for superbowls to flock here for the next 2 years. Then if they draft defense .... The Packers still chug along at 2nd, a possible wildcard in the NFC, Chicago continues to decay and the Lions stay tamed.

    NFC East: Dallas
    I hate HATE having to say this one. But I give the rest of the NFC East 2 and half years before they start going down hill, all except Dallas where Hollywood drama players go to finish out their careers, expect Chad Johnson to be here in 2 years. (They still won't get to the superbowl though)

    NFC West: Seahawks
    This one was a little difficult too. I wanted to pick someone new to take over the reins, but ... the closest I could convince myself was the niners. While I do believe the niners were a good choice for 2nd. They'll need a top WR soon for their offense, and a few more additions on defense to pass the Hawks, who will still put up a strong defensive unit each year.

    NFC South: Carolina
    The Panthers pick up Kurt Warner on his last breathe, Its Steves Smith final oppurtunity to let America know his name ... again. Jonathan Stewart is everything we expected him to be and their defense finally shapes up (with a few draft picks). It was tough because I figure by this time the Bucs might finally settle their QB situation, but there are alot of things they need to work on over there, and their talent is aging. Atlanta might make some strides and the Saints go back to the cellar, where they belong :foottap:

    Have at it gents

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