The Texans are an uninteresting team.

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Nighthawk, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Here's my two cents--add on if you agree or disagree.

    This new Houston team, the Texans, is just dull. It gives us nothing to care about. And I don't mean winning.

    The Oilers didn't win all that much (except for a couple short periods) but the Oilers were ALWAYS an interesting team -- interesting players, interesting talent, always a couple standouts, always a couple of strange people, funny coaches, great old players (in the early days, especially--Tolar, Hennigan, Blanda et al), and later the Run'n'Shoot with the strange Jack Pardee as coach, or Bum Phillips, Earl campbell, Pastorini (and the story of the guy who went to the hospital to show Pastorini the flak jacket and whacked him with a baseball bat), Bud and the Astrodome, the great (well, that may be overstating things) wideouts--Burroughs, and then the R&S kids, and big D guys like Elvin Bethea and Curly Culp --

    I guess what I mean is that the Oilers were always pretty good, or on the verge of being pretty good, AND they were always interesting, too. Sure, they were 2nd tier teams, or 3rd, maybe, but we cared about 'em, and they gave us plenty to care about, and they showed us enough clutch wins, and close losses, to make us feel like there was hope.

    The Texans? There's NOTHING much interesting about the Texans and there really hasn't been anything interesting about them since Day One. I started following them because I'm a native Houstonian, and I hated it when the Oilers became the Tacks, but I expected something fun and risky and interesting, and instead we've got the dullest team on the planet, and they're not much good, to boot. We had what, five years of David Carr? OMG, can you believe we stuck with that loser that long? Has it taken anybody else more than a year to put him on the bench? No. It hasn't.

    This team needs an extreme makeover. It's like--even if the team was good it would be boring. That's a hell of a thing.

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