the stats tell the story..

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by speedfreek, Nov 4, 2013.

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    ..and the story is that we lost the game because --
    even though Keenum was better than Luck tonight,
    Luck's team is just better than Keenum's team.

    C/ATT - 20/34
    YDS - 350
    AVG - 10.3
    TD - 3
    INT - 0
    SACKS - 1-10
    QBR - 96.6
    RTG - 123.4

    C/ATT - 18/40
    YDS - 271
    AVG - 6.8
    TD - 3
    INT - 0
    SACKS - 4-26
    QBR - 60.8
    RTG - 92.8

    The team is a total mess. We have way too many
    issues to address in the draft and in free agency.
    (and important starters out with season ending injuries
    that may be career threatening..)

    There is a serious possibility that Gary may have had
    a stroke and will require months of rehab away from
    the field/team.

    And special teams that need to be completely thrown away
    and rebuilt from scratch -- starting with the coach..

    The Titanic is listing..

  2. midway

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    The only stat line that tells a story is this one:

    FG: 1/4
  3. Bulls on Parade

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    Our Special Teams is a disgrace. We could seriously play a bunch of undrafted rookies (minimum NFL salaries) on special teams next season, and those kids would probably show more heart and toughness on the field.

    But the bigger problem is definitely Joe Marciano. I understand he was good his first few years when the Texans started as an expansion team in 2002, but the game has somehow passed him by. He can probably coach down a team full of pro bowlers on special teams and still under-achieve with that unit.
  4. WolverineFan

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    Houston, TX
    Special Teams has changed over the last few years. With new rule implementations kickoffs and kick returns are different, new concepts on punt formations, new rules on touchbacks, etc. Marciano has not changed with the times.
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    I don't think it matters. Fire him, cut him, whatever doesn't matter. If the Colts needed to score 9 more points to win the game, they would have. Our inability to score in the second half was & is this teams biggest problem. Our best defense is a great offense & right now, we are not a great offense.

    We were even given a short field at one time... missed the field goal.

    I know the stats say we ran the ball well, but my eyes didn't see it. Keenum had the longest run of the night, Tate (bless his soul) avg'd 3.6 ypc.
  6. Wolf6151

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    1. This game was lost on the piss poor, ultra conservative, 2nd half play calling.
    2. Bullock sure didn't do anything to help the team, and other kickers should be brought in immediately to test for the job, but Bullock shouldn't have even been in the position of winning or losing a game for us.
    3. The incomplete pass to AJ on the sideline was a makeup call for the earlier one that the refs ruled in our favor.
    4. Although I really liked what I saw from Keenum, and he was better tonight than last week, the jury is still out on whether or not he can be a fulltime starting NFL QB. He's still got alot to learn and a long ways to go.
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