The rules protecting the QB are giving some QBs too many chances

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by hollywood_texan, Nov 27, 2006.

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    Mar 7, 2006
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    We all know how the NFL has rules that protect the QB and provide them protection from hits that other positions don't have.

    A clear example how these rules have hurt the game is the Vince Young run after he was wrapped up but the defensive lineman let him go on that 4-10 play. I believe the defensive lineman did this because his head was down and thought Young had thrown the ball. If Young had thrown the ball and he did throw Young to the ground, it would have been roughing the passer, 15 yards and an automatic 1st down.

    A similar play happened a few weeks ago against Brady. I believe it was a Sunday night game. Brady did a pump fake right when he was hit, so the defensive lineman held up and didn't wrap him up. If Brady had thrown the ball, and the defensive lineman continued on his tackle, it would have been a roughing the passer penalty. Result, Brady got outside the pocket and threw down the field for a 1st down.

    Not every QB in the league will be able to use the subtle advantages, but QBs like Brady and Young, that never quite on play, will be able to use this to their advantage similar to how only a few pitchers in the majors can exploite a very small increase in the strike zone.

    I think these rules protecting the QBs have now worked their way through now and that defensive players are not following plays all the way through against the QB.

    What do you guys think, is this a good thing?
  2. real

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    I'm all for protecting the QB...

    But I don't like any of the rules protecting them...

    I think you should be able to tackle a QB in the pocket just like any other offensive player...
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    While I agree that the NFL is too harsh with the roughing penalties, what that guy did at our game Sunday was just plain stupid. I've never seen someone just give up like that.
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    I think the rules are pathetic.

    The QBs are wearing pads & a helmet just like everyone else.

    It's true that QBs are sitting ducks when standing in the pocket so I believe that there should be a 15 yds penalty for roughing the passer.

    But I believe the rule should be restricted to helmet-to-helmet contact and late hits only. I would describe a late hit as 2 seconds after the ball is released. I realize that it would be hard to time on the field so the call would eventually be based on the referee's judgement (just as it is now).

    I personally believe that the NFL is so desperate to have teams put points on the board (cuz most fans like high scoring games) that they are taking the rules too far.
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    The NFL would probably prefer that the QB's wear flags and red jerseys in real time games. I actually compare it to basketball nowadays. You can bang in the post all you want, but don't you dare lay a hand on the perimeter guys. It's absurd.

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