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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by thunderkyss, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Who has the worst defense??

    Right now, it is the Washington Redskins with their atrocious Corners, Carlos Rodgers, DeAngelo Hall, Phillip Buchanon. By giving up 415 ypg, they lead the Texans by 6 ypg.

    Surely we aren't going to take this lying down.

    & if that's not enough, Arizona is making a bid for the worst defense as well by allowing 29 ppg, 0.4 more ppg than Houston. & they are right there with 401 ypg

    I think they can do it, I think we can find a way to give up another 6 ypg & 0.4 ppg over the next 7 games.

    But they'll need our help. We still have three home games left now, if we make noise on offense, stay quiet on defense, post signs & banners stating the goal, I think we can get them there.

    What say you??


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