The Preseason Does Mean Something

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Twitch-Houston, Aug 30, 2007.

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    "The preseason doesn't mean anything" is a saying you hear a lot of this time of year. The score may not mean anything, the win/loss may not mean anything, but you can bet that the opportunity to play means something to a lot of 2nd and 3rd string players. Some players are guaranteed a spot on the roster because of draft status, past performance, etc. However, some players are fighting for their jobs. For these players, the last preseason game is their final job interview. A last chance to catch the coaches eye and earn a spot on the roster. You can bet that the families of the players vying for a spot are interested in the game as well. They need questions answered. Will Houston be my home? Will there be income for rent, food and other bills? For most fans, preseason is a chance to see some football, for these families, it's their life on the line.

    For the hardcore football fans, preseason is a chance to see players that you normally won't get to see during the regular season. We'll see the starters (barring injury) for 16 games. I want to see what others can do.

    So grab a beer, pizza, Fritos and Bean dip, popcorn, whatever you fancy and enjoy the game. It may not mean anything for some, but for the players involved, it means the world.


    p.s. I just felt compelled to write something because of all the talk about preseason not meaning anything, but we forgot there is a lot on the line for some of the unsung players in the league. If any of you guys are checking out the board, good luck tonight. This fan will be watching every minute!
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    Sure beats talking about OTAs in May.
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    Preseason doesn't mean anything when it comes to the W-L record.

    Preseason DOES mean something, (to me at least) when I'm evaluating whether or not the starters are effective, or ineffective in carrying out a task, such as rushing the passer, running the football, pass protection, quarterback play, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

    I make my W-L predictions based upon what I see in preseason, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the preseason W-L record.

    (And so far, (blowing on fingernails) I've been pretty much spot on.;))
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    forget it...i can't figure it out.

    yes it matters, always has.....shows how the team is going to performe.
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    yep, full priced tickets and concessions while paying players very little = nice profit for the owners.

    With regards to the thread, pre-season game outcomes are meaningless.

    Individual player pre-season performances mean something in many ways.

    But we still have to be careful about over-evaluating players when they are going against 2nd and 3rd stringers. They might be playing their hearts out, but let's face it, the competition is not what they will experience in the regular season.
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    You're only saying that because we won a couple ;)
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    Right, just last year the Colts were 1-3 and the Radiers were 4-1.

    There IS meaning to the pre-season, it's just not in the W/L record. The record means nothing. It's a different game.

    The meaning is in evaluating players, players getting game ready, players fighting for their NFL lives. That's where the meaning is in pre-season.

    See this thread again next year. Goodnight now.
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    Yeah to some of those guys IT does mean a lot. It means the difference of playing in the NFL or not...its that simple. I think you saw the passion and hunger when we saw Darius Walker continue rushing the ball with his helmet off.

    These guys just want to be on the team and I think most of them have no problem sitting on the bench for their careers.

    I mean really, would you complain about sitting on the bench, going to all Texan games, getting to know all the players, and getting paid for that?

    I have no proble with 4 game long preseason. I think people are frustrated with it because they are ready for some football and they just can't wait. Thing is if there was 3 preseason games people would still be a bit impatient. One more week couldn't hurt, especially since this last week means some guys will lose their jobs and some guys will be in the NFL.
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    There is meaning; see the link below...


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