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    Every year I make it my mission in life to come up with new and creative ways to show the sack stat is the most abused one out there.Sure, for some people it can be a reward for consistent play, but many others benefit from people caring too much about a small sample size, or, in some cases, players are punished because people don’t pay enough attention to what they actually do on the field.

    Sample Size

    Here’s what really gets me about the sack stat. You’re judging a player by what he does on a small percentage of his plays, and using that small percentage to assume a whole lot about the rest of his game. Now full disclaimer here, PFF doesn’t credit ‘half sacks’. No. we count a half sack as a full sack for an individual, so we’re a little bit kinder to pass rushers in this regard. But even so, have a look at the table below that represents how many plays on which a pass rusher records a sack.

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