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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexanFan881, May 18, 2006.

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    I think bringing Kubiak in was a huge step in the right direction. He has brought in a lot of good players so far. Just a question to ponder: If we are successful this year, is it Kubiak's coaching or the players he has brought in? If Capers had this caliber of players on his team, would he be as successful as Kubiak?....just something that I was just thinking about.

    To answer those questions I think Kubiak will make a difference, along with Calhoun and Smith as coaches. We have made a huge improvement with our personel and our players.

    Here are my thoughts on each position as of now + ratings:

    QB: We've got our QB in David Carr. Remember, we did have the chance to draft Vince Young this year and that he could easily have been our starting QB this year if we didn't pick up Carr's option. But we did pick it up, and that just shows how much confidence the team has in him after at the least being unsuccessful lately. Kubiak feels like he can do a lot with Carr and he seems excited to have him as a starting QB, so so am I. Sage Rosenfels is now our backup QB (you couldn't tell that by his contract) and if Carr gets hurt we obviously gave him that money because we think he can get the job done and fill in nicely while Carr is out (if it happens). Dave Ragone is a solid #3 QB, and maybe #2 if he passes up Rosenfels (which is not a good sign), but I don't see him being any good at starting.

    3 stars

    RB: We all know DD can do amazing things for us at RB. He has shown that he can be a big weapon, both in the running game and passing game. If he gets hurt, we now have a solid backup in Antowain Smith who can get the job done if DD is out. He did that when Duece McAllister was out last year. Morency was a decent fill in last year in his one start, and decent is not that great against the 49ers. I was hoping for more out of him that game. Wali Lundy seems like the perfect fit for our system and after watching video of him I think he can eventually be our #2 RB behind DD. I think all four of those RBs can step up and do good if they have to get into the game.

    4 stars

    FB: We made the acquisition of Jameel Cook, who should be a weapon in the recieving game (like we don't have enough weapons for Carr) and a good blocker for whoever is in the backfield. I like Quadtrine Hill a lot and I can see him making the team as a backup to Cook, considering all of the backs Kubiak can use in this Denver system. A lot of people like Damien Rhodes, but I'm sorry to say that I see him getting cut and not making the team.

    3 stars

    WR/TE: Wow. The great offseason at WR started when we released Corey Bradford. Then we got Kevin Walter. And then we got a great WR in Eric Moulds. We really couldn't have done much better at WR in the offseason this year. AJ and Moulds will light up the scoreboard this year and nobody will be able to stop them. If they are both double covered, watch out for Putzier, Owens, and yes, maybe, and that's a big maybe, Joppru, to be recieving threats. Jeb Putzier could easily be the 3rd leading reciever on our team and could be that TE weapon that David Carr needs. Owen Daniels was a prized possesion of the Green Bay Packers a few picks after us in the fourth round, and I feel we got a great pick in him and he will become the #2 TE in passing situations.

    3 1/2 stars

    OL: Getting Mike Sherman made the OL 10x better. Then we got a Pro-Bowl OL in Mike Flanagan. And Eric Winston. And Charles Spencer. David Carr should feel good knowing we are really trying to help him out and give him some solid blocking. We also signed a couple free agents, and with our now solid depth, there will be a lot of competition in training camp this year. Flangan should booster the OL with his experience, talent, and being able to remember what it is like to be with a good OL. Wouldn't it be nice to see the ball hiked and not go, "Hurry up! Get rid of the ball!" I think that finally happens this year.

    3 stars

    DL: We made some nice free agent signings this year and both DE starting jobs should have some very big competition with Antwan Peek and Jason Babin moving up in the transition to the 4-3. Hopefully this year we can finally see what our #1 pick last year can do on the field and he can show us why we picked him. I know this doesn't need to be said, but Mario Williams is a beast man, and this DL will put plenty of pressure on the opposing QB.

    4 stars

    LB: DeMeco Ryans was a great draft pick. I bet you he beats out Morlon Greenwood for the starting job, but since Kailee is hurt he gets to keep his job until Kailee gets back as DeMeco will probably replace him while he's out. Sam Cowart was a great free agent signing and he had a great career up until Jonathan Vilma beat him out for the starting job. Shantee Orr will probably get some playing time and he will definately put some pressure on the QB. The only thing I think there is a problem with here is lack of depth, and maybe Ahmad Brooks in the supplemental draft.

    2 stars

    DB: Dunta Robinson is a freak. He is one of the best players on this team, no questions asked. Buchanon needs to take a tackling lesson class and maybe he can turn it around this year, and maybe Richard Smith can teach him some new techniques. DeMarcus Faggins is a solid #3 CB who I can see stepping in for Buchanon later in the year (hopefully it won't come to this). Watch out for Chris McKenzie as I would be shocked if he missed the team. At safety I think we are set with CC and Earl, who if both improve, can be a very solid set of safeties.

    2 1/2 stars

    Overall I give our team 2 1/2 stars, that is, as of now.

    Two years from now I garentee you we will be a playoff contender.

    We've got the coaches...and I think we could have the players...the only question is...Can we make it happen?
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    "Overall I give our team 2 1/2 stars, that is, as of now." rated 8 items with a total of 25 stars, which comes out to 3 plus stars--just curious how you came up with a team score of 2 1/2?
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    In my opinion, asking "is it Kubiak coaching" or "is it the players he brought in" are basically asking the same question.
    If Kubiak has success, he will have been responsible for the new players, new (winning)attitude, and new scheme.
    If the Texans are much improved next season, the majority of the credit goes to Gary Kubiak via his aquisitions, coaching and attitude.
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    Good job there texan fan, especially for a young man of 16. I really can't argue too much with your desription and star system. Maybe a bit of hyperbole in a couple of areas, but I think your star rankings, based on 5 total I guess, seems to be very close to how I would peg it as well. To your broader question, what you really need to ask is, how much of a teams success is coaching, and how much is players? I don't think there is one answer, as each team is unique. I think in the Texans case, it's probably equal parts of both. With only a couple of mild exceptions, I think the offseason personell moves have been very good this year, which is the first offseason I can say that. The coaching change is likely the reason why, so part of it is better players sure, but who has been the mover and shaker in getting those players? Kubiak that's who. Now, the second part is the actual onfield coaching, in game coaching and decisions, etc. On that count, we can only guess and hope. If that part of the equation is as good as the personell part this offseason, we could surprise some teams and be in the playoff race THIS year.

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