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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by JmikeT, Nov 24, 2005.

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    So as it is Thanksgiving and I gear up for food football and fun, the guys on Fox in their analysis of Denver's offensive line pointed out what is wrong with the Texans...
    Sure you have to execute but it was the simplicity of the blocking schemes that struck me. I point this out because everyone keeps saying we don't have talent on this team. I say we don't need talent we need a game plan,heart, desire, and discpline. All of which, start with the COACHING staff.
    Ask yourself why the special teams seems to play well? The coach definitely shows his heart, desire, and displine. He gets in the players faces. They WANT to please him. Even P Buc over the last couple of weeks played better on punt returns than he did on the defensive side of the ball.
    Andre Johnson costing us a field goal then going to the sideline and getting in Dom's face is enough for me to see that Dom doesn't get it or have IT.
    Who's in charge?
    Here's my wishes for the rest of the season:
    1. Bench David and make him suffer the humility of learning from the sideline
    2. Play the reserves if a starter is screwing up.
    3. Leave the offensive linemen in their positions.
    4. Whomever the QB is on the field - Move the pocket
    5. More Wells in the backfield
    6. Stop running between the tackles.
    7. Pass plays over the middle - DOWN FIELD!
    8. More Armstrong on offense
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    2 and 3 conflict.
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    They wouldn't conflict though if it said, "Play the reserves only if they're actually capable of doing better than the starters." Well, not in most cases anyway.

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