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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by kiwitexansfan, Dec 11, 2010.

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    This is a bit tongue in cheek but all are players that interest me and could be of some benefit to the Texans.

    1.) Prince Amukamara. CB We'll have to trade up to get him for arguments sake lets say we give up our 3rd to move up.

    2.) Jared Crick DT. Not the same without Suh but still a productive senior season, much better value in the second round than the first.

    4.) Alfonzo Dennard CB. The other good cover guy on the Nebraska squad. Overlooked due to Prince but really only a step behind Prince in game performance.

    5.) Lavonte David LB. Great energy and speed guy, can cover decently and can get a good rush off the edge. Might be a nice piece to have at WLB.

    6.) Eric Hagg S. Good SS with cover instincts and leadership ability. Can also come up in run support and make good tackles.

    7.) Alex Henery, K/P. Can perform really well in both disciplines. Whichever spot he can win in camp he can keep.
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    I would really like to have Prince and Henery. Crick I'm not sure. I know nothing about the others.

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