The importance of timing in the NFL passing

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gtexan02, Oct 22, 2006.

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    Don't let today fool you. I have heard a lot of people claiming that a big reason we won was because Leftwhich was having a terrible game. But why was he having a terrible game?

    Maybe it was his injured ankle. he did do the splits early in the game, too, which couldn't have felt good. But I would like to believe its because of our Dl.

    I think the reason that Leftwhich was so off, and the reason we won the game, was because we disrupted Jax's timing. Its very important in NFL passing games, and we consistently brought pressure into their pocket. Sure we didn't rake up the sacks, but thats because Leftwhich was smart enough to get the ball out before we could get to him. The result, however, was overthrows/underthrows/throws to no one. ALl possible results of disruprted timing.

    Sure some of his throws were pure error on his part, but maybe a big part of that was he felt he was being rushed. :redtowel:
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    he definately didnt look comfortable for much of today and was on his back or being pressured after many throws. Although it didnt show up in the sack numbers, we did a pretty good job of pressuring the qb today.

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