The Good, the bad, the ugly...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by HardKnockTexan, Oct 5, 2005.

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    I'm a glass half full kinnda guy and this board really seems to be focusing on the negative. I know there's a lot to be down about but it is situations like the one our team is in right now that will make the good times that much sweeter.

    The Good:
    - 4 years and counting of NFL football being back in Houston!!!
    - Dunta Robinson is a shut down corner that very few teams in the NFL have.
    - David Carr has shown that with a solid teacher/coach he can execute the game plan.
    - Pendry is a refreshing change that hopefully will light a fire under our team's butt!
    - Seth Payne is requiring constant doubleteams.
    - C.C. Brown can lay the hat! he's filled in well for an injured Glenn Earl.
    - Mathis looks like he will be making signifigant contributions for our team.

    The Bad:
    - David Carr having happy feet. Stand in there D.C.!
    - An 0 - 3 start for the first time in our teams history.
    - Dumb penalties! Too many offsides in week one. Too many false starts during every game. Headbutting someone 10 yards off the field... what was that all about???
    - Peak not being the playmaker everyone seemed to be hoping he would be.
    - Davis hasnt rushed for 100 yards in a game yet.
    - Not getting Andre Johnson the ball enough.
    - Travis Johnson with only 2 tackles.

    The Ugly:
    - Our Zone coverage.
    - 0 Take aways.
    - On pace to give up 106 sacks.
    - Carr hasnt passed for over 200 yards in a game yet
    - Andre Johnson droping easy catches
    - Not getting pressure on the QB

    I love my Texans and am VERY thankfull that we atleast have a team to feel sick over. I will never say we should loose the games to get a higher draft pick. People with that attitude belong on the 49er's board.
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    I really dont think you can call peek out on not making plays. He has no help, because he is never being helped by blitzers or at least running some sort of stunt. Every play its Peek dropping into coverage or rushing from only the edge with no one else out there. If he had the ability to be blitzing with a CB from the edge or cutting to the middle or having an ILB coming from his side also, the pressure would change. The 3-4 works, but not if you decide to sit back in a 7 man zone and rush only 4 every play. Dunta got a sack because they finally blitzed him. Peek grabbed palmers arm and almost caused an INT. has there yet been 1 blitz with all the lineman and LBs? Or how often is there even a 6 man blitz? NEVER and thats why the pressure sucks
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    The turnovers, penalties, dumb mistakes, and sacks given up seems to hurt your team the most. I think if they could somehow eliminate those, they could be right back in it.

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