The Five Key Match Ups Vs Cards Via BattleRed Blog

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gary, Oct 10, 2009.

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    Looks like they see the same sort of matchups we see.
    1. Mario vs. Mike Gandy. I just hope Mario isn't so nicked up he can't play because I have little faith in Connor Barwin's ability to get to the QB.

    2. Dunta vs. Larry Fitzgerald. Let's hope Mario plays and stays in Warner's face all afternoon. Fitzgerald will win any matchup we can throw at him if Warner has time to find him.

    3. A.J. vs. Bryan McFadden. Don't understand this one.... Wouldn't the Cards put Rodgers-Cromartie on A.J.? A.J. will win anyway. But still...?

    4. Schaub vs. Warner... This is really about which O-line affords the QB the best protection. Both QBs will pick apart a defense if given time. Both will get happy feet if hit early and often.

    5. Conservative playcalling. I hope they found what they were looking for last week when we essentially stopped throwing the ball in the second half. Personally, I hope we pass them silly and A.J. out-stats Fitzgerald so America can see that the Texans have their own beast at WR.
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    I hope I don't see this today, but...

    Kubiak has a way of coaching the offense "scared" when we face
    a team we're not used to playing. He calls a conservative game
    in the beginning, and ONLY when we're down by a couple scores,
    do the REAL Texans' offense show up.

    I hope and pray he starts the game aggressively, so that our
    defense can finally play with a lead. I'm tired of waiting till we're
    down 10-0 or 14-0 until our offense is allowed to be unleashed.
    I've never called his show before, but I'd be tempted to call
    the Kubiak Show if his offense starts the game timid again.

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