The continuing contoversy about how high to draft running backs

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    But the question of whether N.F.L. running backs are overvalued — generally not worth the attention and money paid to them — has intensified in recent weeks, as a number of unheralded and little-known players have taken leading roles with their teams.
    Running backs may be the most interchangeable parts of a football team. Mel Kiper Jr., the N.F.L. draft expert for ESPN, said he would never choose one in the first round.

    “I’ve been saying this for 30 years,” Kiper said. “The easiest position to find a player is running back.”
    Peterson was the seventh overall choice in April’s draft. Through eight games, it looked like a brilliant pick. Peterson had 1,036 yards and set the N.F.L. record with 296 yards in a game against the Chargers.

    But Peterson injured his knee on Nov. 11. Chester Taylor played last week against the Raiders and gained 164 yards. It was the eighth-highest total for a running back this season; Peterson had two bigger games.
    Excellent article by the NY Times on this fascinating topic.
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    Mel Kiper talks out of both sides of his piehole, wasn't he one of the morons hyping Bush who plays runningback.

    Sorry Mel you can not have it both ways, if you do not believe that then stop hyping certain players.
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    what's his comment have at all to do with Reggie Bush? nothing. at all. just because he thinks it's an easy position to fill doesn't mean he also can't think that there are elite talent at the position that are more than worthy of a top pick. he was very high on Peterson.

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