The Change - For the Texans and thier Fans

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Dime, Aug 28, 2006.

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    When I logged on last year... I remember how We (the fans) went from concern during the pre-season, to outright shock of 2-14 year. It was bad. Not the football, here. People were really disappointed, down on the team and it looked very very bad. To the point people were wanting us to throw the last game of the year to get first pick this years Draft.

    In walks Kub.

    His first act has coach, choosing Mario. Again, people were up in arms. Saying how we are going to be losers again and are the laughing stock of football.

    Pre season Game One.
    I saw a football TEAM. I saw something I hadnt seen from our team... Faith restoring. The fans still had questioners.. but people were happy.

    Pre season Game Two.
    Wow. Is this our team.. I am loving it. Fans are looking and getting excited.

    Pre season Game Three.
    The fans are getting Stoked.. Even with a loss.. it was a great game. The board has made the change from a negitive theme to a positive one.. The Texans are here folks.
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    no joke, almost kinda miss the days of game time and all the "fire (insert name)" threads that popped up,

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