The case for Al Sauders

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  1. The topics on Kubiak are almost becoming as prevalent as the Bush topics. I'd like to make a case for Al Saunders as our Head Coach, at least he has a little head coaching experience, but his offenses are certainly prolific.

    • Former WR at San Jose State (’66-68)
    • Master’s degree in education from Stanford
    • assistant head coach, quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator at California from ‘76-8 1eading an offense that set 32 national, conference and school records.
    • Chargers Wide reciever coach 83-85 and help create one of the most prolific pass offenses in NFL history with Dan Fouts at QB
    • Chargers Head Coach 86 - ‘88 doubled victories in 1st year.
    • Assistant head coach/wide receivers coach under head coach Marty Schottenheimer from ‘89-98. During that 10-year span, he was part of a Chiefs coaching staff which helped guide Kansas City to three AFC West titles and seven playoff berths.
    • Spent two seasons with St. Louis where he coached wide receivers and also served as associate head coach in 2000 on one of the most offensively prolific units in NFL history where they claimed a Super Bowl victory.
    • Joined the Chiefs again as Offensive Coordinator and has presided over the NFL’s most prolific scoring offense over the last four seasons. During that span, no NFL team has registered more points than the 1,754 accumulated by the Chiefs, an average of 27.4 ppg.
    • In 2004, the Chiefs led the NFL in total offense for the first time in franchise history,
    • In total, Saunders has been associated with 10 postseason appearances, five division crowns and a World Championship during his NFL tenure.
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    Can we get a post with Saunders, Kubiak, Gray, and any other interviewed coaches credentials? I didn't know a lot of this stuff about Saunders and would like to know more about any other potential HC.
  3. Well more importantly is who Saunders would bring with him, and I was thinking if Herm Edwards is given the job in KC then Saunders will be bolting. If he were hired by the Texans then I am almost positive he'd hire Terry Shea as the offensive coordinator.

    5th Year NFL Coach • 4th with Chiefs

    Terry Shea returns to the Chiefs as Kansas City’s quarterbacks coach in 2005 after serving a one-year stint as Chicago’s offensive coordinator. Owning an extensive offensive resume with 35 years of coaching experience, Shea comes from the coaching family tree of Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh and has been particularly adept at grooming players at the quarterback position during his distinguished coaching career.
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    Shea was not at all popular in Chicago as OC and Bears fan don't expect much in an offense.

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