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    Looking across the NFL so far this year, the AFC South looks like the toughest division in the league. Every team in our division looks legit. If you look in most other divisions you'll find at least one division "door mat."

    Door Mats:

    NFC North: Vikings (1-2)
    NFC East: Giants (1-2)
    NFC South: Falcons (0-3), Saints? (0-3 or 1-2)
    NFC West: Rams (0-3)

    AFC East: Bills, Dolphins (both 0-3)
    AFC West: Chiefs (1-2)
    AFC North: Browns (1-2)
    AFC South: ???????

    Who's our door mat? The Jags beat a decent Bronco team this weekend and have a lot of talent. Titans are looking solid in all phases of the game (not stellar passing, but they compensate with a great run game). We've soundly beaten two teams and played the world champs tight. Then you have the Colts, and they're just the Colts.

    It's obviously early to make a great argument for any division being the toughest, but from what I've seen we have one of the toughest divisions and that's not going to help us make a playoff run. The Colts are going to take the division and the rest of us just might end up taking one another out fighting for the wild card.

    Let's move to the NFC. :doot:

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